Ten Symptoms Of Being In A Fandom

Unfortunately, my symptoms weren’t listed on WebMD. I searched far and wide for a diagnosis for my reappearing symptoms. It turns out I have fandomitis and I think you might too. Look at these symptoms and comment below if you’re self-diagnosed with fandomitis. Falling In Love With The Villain I am still madly in love with the […]

The Comings And Goings – March

WHOA! March was crazy? Yeah. There was a lot of robotics organising, (if you’re a part of FRC in any way please comment because HELLO I AM TALK TO ME), I’m typing this between days of my local district event. Yes, my team is doing absolutely fabulous check us out here. Before the competition started I […]

The Wrong Decisions – Thirteen Reasons Why Review

I had three copies of the exact same edition through the last five years, and I only got past half way this time. I was forever fascinated by its topic, suicide, risky but very important to talk about. While an interesting approach, it failed to grasp me as much as it did to others. While intriguing […]

WHOOOSH!! – Top Ten Books I Finished Too Soon

Often enough, a good book is always read too fast. I read the last few pages and I turn to see if there is some pages ripped out of my book because there MUST be more. There usually isn’t. This is a list of ten books I finished too quick. Embassy Row It’s become a […]

Endless Tears – We Were Liars Review SPOILERS

e. Lockhart is a cruel evil bastard of an author who I feel is playing a great joke on us. We Were Liars is a brilliant and quick novel which will leave you begging for more. Let me give you my reasons why. BEWARE OF SPOILERS – DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT READ WE […]

Restraining My Flow – Top Ten Books I Want To Read In Spring

You can’t expect me to plan a whole season of reading! I will not be held to such boundaries! But I love making lists… and procrastinating… SO here are ten books I could maybe possibly be reading in this spring* season. * There’s so much snow outside that I laugh at this term The Unexpected […]

A Reversible Jacket? – A Darker Shade Of Magic Review

A Darker Shade Of magic is a beautifully written fantasy novel which I got lost in myself. Wanderlust took over as I followed the journey of Kell and Lila. As gorgeous as it was, it just wasn’t one of my favourites. It took me a while to read and on my first try of reading […]

Gambling With Lives and Hearts – The Winners Kiss Review

A fantastic ending to the Winners trilogy, goodbye Kestrel and Arin, the best and top OTP in YA. The Winners Kiss is packed with emotion and action, Marie Rutkoski has the most beautiful writing. You should check out the action scene, so tense switching between Kestrels and Arins views. All the way through, there is no […]