The Pantone Colour of The Year That Elevates These Gorgeous Covers

Honey, I’m in an arts program! I don’t have ONE favourite colour, that’s just like me asking YOU if you have a favourite book! In beat with my major, I’ll just go with the Pantone colour of the year… Ultra Violet Purple! I couldn’t find ten books that had exactly Ultra Violet Purple 18-3838 on the cover, not […]

Ten Books It Felt Like A Chore To Finish

I am not a quitter, I take pleasure in completing a task, I hate giving up in the middle of something. Yet, these books made me really want to. Some of them were finished, some of them were just too terrible too. Some of them I even would give a second chance to me and […]

A Book You’ll LOVE Based On Of Your Favourite Chocolate Bar

Wow, this sounds like it came from BuzzFeed. Well, it came from my very chocolate craving personality that is turning the house upside down because she just finished a Chrunchie and can’t find anything else chocolatey. This top ten Tuesday is a love freebie, and chocolate is love, and who’s got time for anything other […]

Tears To My Collarbones – The Lost Season Of Love And Snow Review

I initially asked to read this book as I thought it would make for a delightful read for the winter break. The premise promises a great love story set in Russia during the 1800s, it also seemed like a fantasy fluffed up. Laam fluffed up this story so beautifully that every chapter was like falling gracefully into […]

Bookish Resolutions For 2018

Creating lists of goals or resolutions is so satisfying. Thoughts of productivity and success are running through your mind making you feel like a new and great person. Its all a lie guys, you can make that list all you like, it’s like a drug that gives you a false sense of productivity. You are procrastinating on […]

Oh Dear, Oh Dear – Queen Of Shadows Book Review

I was so excited to begin this even though its size is incredibly daunting. Almost immediately I was engaged but by page 220-something the remaining 440-something pages went by all too quickly. I have definitely been loving Rowan reading this and will give up my dreams for an Aelin/Dorian relationship because of dammmmmn Rowan where have […]

Ten Books With Characters Who Were Sexually Abused/Harassed

It was only twenty-four hours ago that I was going to write a light and happy post about ten books featuring sassy characters (my favourite). After some thought on rape-culture and how often girls at a university can get sexually assaulted, it had led me to write about the topic in order to raise awareness on […]