A Book You’ll LOVE Based On Of Your Favourite Chocolate Bar

Wow, this sounds like it came from BuzzFeed. Well, it came from my very chocolate craving personality that is turning the house upside down because she just finished a Chrunchie and can’t find anything else chocolatey. This top ten Tuesday is a love freebie, and chocolate is love, and who’s got time for anything other […]

Bookish Resolutions For 2018

Creating lists of goals or resolutions is so satisfying. Thoughts of productivity and success are running through your mind making you feel like a new and great person. Its all a lie guys, you can make that list all you like, it’s like a drug that gives you a false sense of productivity. You are procrastinating on […]

Ten Books With Characters Who Were Sexually Abused/Harassed

It was only twenty-four hours ago that I was going to write a light and happy post about ten books featuring sassy characters (my favourite). After some thought on rape-culture and how often girls at a university can get sexually assaulted, it had led me to write about the topic in order to raise awareness on […]

Ten Characters Which Would Be Perfect Mums

When we read books, we often come across a character we would really want to see in person. Heck, I know I do.  But what if these characters could be forever in my life? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY COULD THIS BE? Well, if such sorcery existed, here are a few characters I’d post on Instagram […]

Gimme Gimme – Ten Things I Wish I Saw More Of In Books

  The last few weeks of top ten Tuesday have been gimme more of this and I am repulsed by this so don’t do it if you want me to have it.  So here is another list of ten things I wish were in books more. Enjoy! Good Humour No matter what genre the book is, […]

Mmm Baby – Ten Things Which Make Covers Gorgeous

Do you ever just look at a book cover, ad drop? The shopkeeper comes to find you drooling on the floor cuddling said gorgeous book. So what makes you drop? Here are ten things which make me LOVE covers on books. When The Colours Themselves Work Together So Well That The Subject Doesn’t Matter Anymore […]