Sara J. Maas Won’t Stop – Heir Of Fire Book Review

Heir of Fire was full of raw action and Celaenas character development. The plot moves and introduces new but ever fascinating ideas such as the Valg as well as Rowan, the trainer and most loyal friend. Heir of Fire alternated between perspectives, and some were boring and tedious which I had to read through to […]

Beautiful Inside And Out – You Were Here Review

You Were Here is a well-written book with a wonderful use of graphics. I was captured by the cover, but the blurb sold me. You Were Here is an original book which kept me fascinated and thrilled all the way through its coming-of-age story. I loved the switching perspective and especially the artwork as well as […]

Inspiring But Predictable – The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash Book Review

Happy Birthday The Inevitable Collision Of Bridie & Bash!  There is no book better to pull you out of a reading slump than one that will move you, break you and inspire hope. The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash did just that to me, marking the beginning of a great summer with this fabulous read. However, with character to watch as they go through trauma and a […]

Confusing, Then Addictive – Illuminae Review

Starting Illuminae, I was blown away, yet after fifty or so pages, I started getting confused. Right off the bat, I got to tell you that I spent more time learning who was who rather than reading what was actually happening. Afterwards, I lived fro the conversations between Kady and Ezra, such love, hope and more […]

Anti-Space Capitalism WITH ROMANCE – This Shattered World Review

These Broken Stars was such a great book, I immediately purchased both This Shattered World and Their Fractured Light. I absolutely loved the first book, yet I was saddened when I found out this was an anthology. This Shattered World had a strong military vibe and was much heavier with the politics compared to These Broken […]

The Wrong Decisions – Thirteen Reasons Why Review

I had three copies of the exact same edition through the last five years, and I only got past half way this time. I was forever fascinated by its topic, suicide, risky but very important to talk about. While an interesting approach, it failed to grasp me as much as it did to others. While intriguing […]

Endless Tears – We Were Liars Review SPOILERS

e. Lockhart is a cruel evil bastard of an author who I feel is playing a great joke on us. We Were Liars is a brilliant and quick novel which will leave you begging for more. Let me give you my reasons why. BEWARE OF SPOILERS – DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT READ WE […]