Comings and Goings – May

Nothing lifts my spirits more than finding myself in the groove, especially when I’m in the groove of reading/blogging. Personally, this is more satisfying than most of my Signature First Year At College Experiences. Pushing out blog posts and pumping through chapters as I get that weak summer tan going on. This month was filled […]

Comings And Goings – July

It’s the first full month of summer and finally getting back in the groove. I’ve been writing so many posts and taking so many photos and running them through Lightroom to make them presentable. All this work so that I can keep my blog and Instagram running throughout my first semester of a university where I […]

The Comings And Goings – April

And I thought March was busy! To summarise by book life in April is absolutely JUST  Heir Of Fire, and I still have a few more pages to read, so I sucked at my TBR this month, therefore most of it has been pushed to April. Robotics took over my life, and life took over […]

The Comings And Goings – March

WHOA! March was crazy? Yeah. There was a lot of robotics organising, (if you’re a part of FRC in any way please comment because HELLO I AM TALK TO ME), I’m typing this between days of my local district event. Yes, my team is doing absolutely fabulous check us out here. Before the competition started I […]

The Comings and Goings – February

BIG NEWS! My local library juts reopened after a 200+ day strike, BRING IN ALL THE BOOKS I CANT AFFORD! In my life this month was the end of FRC build season, valentines day, A NEW SEMESTER OF SCHOOL WITH PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART AS TWO OF MY CLASSES OH YEAH, also acalculous class where my teacher […]

The Comings and Goings – January

Although a very unblogful month, a lot has happened in January for me, starting with working and completing my portfolio applications for three universities, applying to university and then getting accepted to my top program! *insert dance party here* Semester One of my last year in highschool just finished today with my last exam, and […]