The Comings And Goings – April

And I thought March was busy! To summarise by book life in April is absolutely JUST  Heir Of Fire, and I still have a few more pages to read, so I sucked at my TBR this month, therefore most of it has been pushed to April. Robotics took over my life, and life took over […]

The Comings And Goings – March

WHOA! March was crazy? Yeah. There was a lot of robotics organising, (if you’re a part of FRC in any way please comment because HELLO I AM TALK TO ME), I’m typing this between days of my local district event. Yes, my team is doing absolutely fabulous check us out here. Before the competition started I […]

The Comings and Goings – February

BIG NEWS! My local library juts reopened after a 200+ day strike, BRING IN ALL THE BOOKS I CANT AFFORD! In my life this month was the end of FRC build season, valentines day, A NEW SEMESTER OF SCHOOL WITH PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART AS TWO OF MY CLASSES OH YEAH, also acalculous class where my teacher […]

The Comings and Goings – January

Although a very unblogful month, a lot has happened in January for me, starting with working and completing my portfolio applications for three universities, applying to university and then getting accepted to my top program! *insert dance party here* Semester One of my last year in highschool just finished today with my last exam, and […]