Ten Books It Felt Like A Chore To Finish

I am not a quitter, I take pleasure in completing a task, I hate giving up in the middle of something. Yet, these books made me really want to. Some of them were finished, some of them were just too terrible too. Some of them I even would give a second chance to me and I tastes change. Heres ten books which felt like a chore to finish.

The Book Theif

This book was very large and very odd, I read it when I was about 13 years old and it was difficult to understand the narrative, therefore the story was just as confusing. With all the hype or this book, I will give this book a second chance sometime in the future.


UUUGH never had I ever had enough of someone’s thoughts! The idea of this book was pretty fascinating and I did enjoy the first part even with the excess of detail and other things-i-do-not-care-for, but as the plot began to lose its pace I could barely keep


This book had me endlessly beyond confused, I think the only merit I gave this book what how freaking confusing it was capable of making me. To my current understanding, it was about time travel with very evil and good characters with names and personalities that end up in one puddle and it was a CHORE to remember the heck a character is trying to do or anything about them, I needed a cheat sheet of characters everytime I flipped the page.

Code Name Verity

Maybe I was just too young at the time, but I read and reread this book in the attempt to understand what was going on. The first half of the book shows many signs that it was red and read over and over again, and the second half is as pristine as the day I bought just because id always be a confused mess before I got there! Maybe I’ll give it a retry as a more experience reader.

Beauty Queens

The heck is this premise? The Lord of the Flies x Beauty Contestants? I hated the Lord of the Flies with a passion, and now I was supposed to enjoy it with hard-to-like characters with terrible over the top humour based on stereotypes, it was a struggle to keep the library copy  I was reading out of the fire place.

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

I read this book simply becasue the movie was about to come out and I am one of those people who have to read the book before the movie.  I wasnt thrown off by the movie script style, but was tossed off a great cliff by the lack of connection or reasoning. I found that the characters were juping around and everything was so disconnected with no foundationof reasoning that I had to spend more mental effort creating these instead of relaxingly following a story.


My first take on a horror novel due to the high positive response I heard about this book, also it just looked cool. I wanted to be spooked and have restless nights as I cant get the horrors of the book out of my mind, I wanted to be scared, desperately trying to spook myself with the text, but it sucked ghost butt.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Gah! I hated just about all the characters! I hated Hannah for being a hypocrite! I hated her for putting Clay through all of that! He deserved better! See review here for more reasons why I struggled to find reasons to continue reading this book.

City of Ashes

Its impossible to be in the book community without feeling urged to read the mortal instruments as it is everywhere, enthused by many. City of Ashes is the second book, and it suuucked. It felt like a really bad filler book with little to nothing happening except build up for the next books, which were much better than City of Ashes.

I Was Here

Gayle Forman pulled all the strings of my heart with If I Stay and Where She Went, and I Was Here felt promising to deliver a similar strength of emotion but it fell through.  Luckily, I was Here was a short book and easy to be done with

What books were difficult for you to read?


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