Coming Up With Excuses For Not Reading The Books I Said I Would in 2017

This list is purely referenced from my tbr posts on this blog, there are none of the many books I thought id read in 2017 but obviously didn’t, I’d need a novel for that list. We all have lists like that where we say we will do this and that but I’m an imperfect being (hard to admit to though) and I like doing what I shouldn’t (total rebel), but since I’m great at making excuses, I’ll come up with a plausible (possibly punny) excuse for each book. (To Add: I couldn’t even post this post in time for it to make sense but I love it too much not to post – procrastinating with love)

City Of Lost Souls – the part of my soul that needed to read this book right away got lost in the big city.

The Thousandth Floor – I only live on the 11th floor, I don’t think I should rush to the 1000th so quick.

Bone Gap – when the book is called bone gap but on the cover is a bee and a hive pattern, its kind of surreal and I think I should spend more time just wondering “what could it mean?” instead of reading it and figuring it out for myself.

Hexed – some witch told me I can only read this in October or she would hex me… too bad last October I spent too much time thinking about Halloween. Maybe next October?

Their Fractured Light – starbound has been the light that has kept me going with its beautiful characters and the character relationships. I don’t want to fracture the light it gives me by finishing the trilogy so quick!

Wayfarer – if I wanted to read this many books in such a busy year, id need time travel to make it possible

Everything Everything – this year it felt like I had everything on my to-do list, and I felt like I had to finish everything other than reading everything everything

Salt To The Sea – just waiting for the time I really want to cry, add some salt to my words and add my tears to the sea or something

The Crown – the selection series was over long ago and I should’ve been finished by now, crown me the queen of procrastinating if you want.

Stars Above – it just wasn’t written in the stars above our head that I should read this year

What Books Have You Procrastinated on Reading?


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  1. Lila @ Hardcover Haven

    hahaha! this is so clever and funny! tbh, for me 2017 was the year of buying books that i’d anticipated for months (some even for years! *cough* strange the dreamer *cough*) and then completely forgetting about them and not reading/finishing them at all. idk what’s wrong with me!

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      1. agh! thank you so much for letting me know! it should link correctly now (i changed my web address about half a year ago, so i think that’s why it’s going haywire–but i just went to my profile now and reworked a few things manually), but just in case it’s:

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  2. This is awesome 🙂 I love your excuses! I am such a mood reader that I try not to plan out books to read because I will almost always pick something else. However I have a few series I should finish but it has been so long since I read the last book I don’t remember enough to start the new book without a refresher.

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