A Book You’ll LOVE Based On Of Your Favourite Chocolate Bar

Wow, this sounds like it came from BuzzFeed. Well, it came from my very chocolate craving personality that is turning the house upside down because she just finished a Chrunchie and can’t find anything else chocolatey. This top ten Tuesday is a love freebie, and chocolate is love, and who’s got time for anything other than chocolate?

Chunchie (Honeycomb Toffee Centered Milk Chocolate Bar)

Crunchies are beautiful and unique. Anyone who likes its type will love this delicious toffee chocolate bar which is always over too soon even though it looks like it’ll take a lifetime to finish. This is Illumnae, its grand and different, its multimedia which is different but liked by many, and illumnae is the best multi-media book you’ve ever read. You start it, you begin to love it, and then it’s gone. I’ll see you at the bookstore looking for more.

Aero (Bubbly Milk Chocolate Bar)

Aeros are easy to eat, light and simple. A perfect book to match is a light-hearted contemporary that’s never too much on your mind but you’ll love it. Whats better than Since You’ve Been Gone, a good simple story about friendships that is never too much and always the right amount of thought. Never confusing, and easy to love.

Snickers (Nougat Topped With Caramel And Peanuts, Enrobed With Milk Chocolate)

Snicker eaters are the bossy and sassy chocolate bar for people with big energy and you can’t escape from them. They have a temper and they don’t take flack from no one, who is a better character to suit this other than Harpreet Janda from the Vivian Apple duology, if you think that she is the most lovable sassy and fierce character you’ve read, then you have to read book two where she starts a blog to express herself, you’ll die of laughter and never get enough of it!

Hersheys Dark Chocolate Bar (Does This Need A Description?)

It’s a simple dark chocolate bar, it’s for sophisticated people with an addiction to cocoa, but it’s dark chocolate which fills your mouth with flavour and love. A sophisticated YA book? THE WINNERS CURSE! It’s a historical fiction featuring a very sophisticated and intelligent character you can’t get enough of. Also, there is Arin which is a very hot guy this sophisticated character falls for and their romance is also just as addictive.

Cadbury Dairy Milk (Seriously?)

IT’S-A SIMPLE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR! It’s always there for you, it’s classic and better with every bite. A perfect book match would be Thanks For The Trouble, the characters are extraordinary in an ordinary contemporary setting, it’s magical and full of quotes to make you feel classy when you repeat them and feel better when you hear them.

Kit-Kat (Chocolate Covered Wafer Bar)

You love to share, you love to have fun, but you also love to eat it piece by piece unless you’re weird and bit a KitKat bar (monster). You’re a little lazy and don’t really want to commit to so much.  So Every day by David Levithan, perfect quotes to share, moments you’ll laugh at, or with because the writing immerses you into the story. The chapters are nice and short, the book isn’t long at all and you can jump in and out at any time without skipping a beat.

Twix (Biscuit Bars With Caramel Dipped in Milk Chocolate)

Full of energy, sporty and always on the move. Throne Of Glass is for you. It’s action-packed with lots of physical activity and fighting. The plot will keep you on edge and the characters are so loveable, just like a Twix bar.

M&M’s (Colourful Button Shaped Chocolates)

M&Ms are the most colourful chocolates that exist, you can eat them one by one or just eat them all at once (monster). You can experience all the colours while still getting the same great taste. A book perfect for this is A Thousand Pieces Of You, the first of the Firebird trilogy. The plot of this trilogy is around travelling between different universes in which you hop into the body of yourself in another universe with a life that can be very different in comparison to your own universe. |Each universe is like a different M&M, still tasty but a little different.

Bounty (Milk Chocolate With A Coconut Filling)

Bounty bars are like a tropical holiday with the coconut. It’s sweet, joyous and easy to love.  The Lunar Chronicles, the first book is Cinder, are a loveable series which takes you around the world and even space. All the characters are all loveable and they bring joy to you. Also, you really got to try them both if you haven’t already.

Mars (Nougat and Caramel topped with Milk Chocolate)

Mars isn’t modern bars, they started being made in 1932. There are many scrumptious layers to the mars bar and they too come and go too quick. A comparable book is Caraval, its set in a magical carnival setting, it’s not contemporary, and the whole book takes place over a few days in which the main character goes through many events, all of which are gorgeous and amazing to read.

Whats your favourite chocolate bar?


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  1. Good to know I have now been enabled to eat copious amounts of certain chocolate while I read some of these. I’m glad to see some underappreciated chocolate bars make this list because I see so often that Bounty and Crunchie’s get hate on. But to the topic of books, I still haven’t read Illuminae despite instabuying this the first week of release re: cover lust (and Obsidio is coming out soon too!). Soon, hopefully!

    Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

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