Tears To My Collarbones – The Lost Season Of Love And Snow Review

I initially asked to read this book as I thought it would make for a delightful read for the winter break. The premise promises a great love story set in Russia during the 1800s, it also seemed like a fantasy fluffed up. Laam fluffed up this story so beautifully that every chapter was like falling gracefully into a perfectly fluffed pillow, it sucks you in and might be a little frightening but all the more enjoyable. I stepped out of my comfort zone of YA fantasies and into an adult historical romance novel, forever cherishing my choice.

Broken down, the plot was simple, but Laam brought this depth of complexity with great detail showing how small things can lead to having a great effect. The story was carried on the backs of the complexity of the human, from gender inequality to undesired attention an importance of reputation. Laam showed how Natalya struggled and strived within this society. Going in, I had no idea that this was based on a true story, how wild. I applaud Laam for creating a vivid world that felt real enough to touch with all of its intricacies.

I love Natalya, she was a strong and smart woman striving I a society not built for her to succeed. She and Alexander were such a cute and blissful couple. I wish I could’ve met Natalya, she had the potential to be a leader in today’s world. Alexander was kind of silly to pursue the due instead of being the bigger and the better man and be there for his wife and family of very super cute kids. Tsar was captivating but dickish, Ary was okay but I’m not a fan of her family. Peter was great

Laams story made me laugh (when Natalya put the statue near her window and other things too) as well as weep trails of mascara down to my collarbones (the dual (saw it coming from page one but I drowned in tears anyway). The Lost Season of Love and Snow is an unforgettable story to blow away all readers.


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