Now I’m Part Of The Craze – City Of Glass Review (Slight Spoilers)

It took me three books to become entirely invested. Before City Of Glass, The Mortal Instruments was just something I could enjoy, now it’s something I have become infatuated with and WHY DOESNT TBD HAVE THE UK PAPERBACK OF CITY OF BONES I NEED ALL THE BOOKS!? I read the audio book along side reading the book and both were brilliant.

The plot of this novel was a lot more fascinating than the first two books, it was much riskier for the characters and I loved it. Valentine really brought the strong plot forward on the stage.  The back story of Jace was interesting, one of the main things which got me to finally understand the TMI craze. My fetish of reading about character backstories will always redeem a failing series for me. I wanted to learn much more about the angel in the basement, I have so many questions.

Clary explores deeper into her powers. She becomes more independent in City Of Glass, but she is still naive at times. Sebastian was incredibly fascinating, tell me MORE! Learning more about Jace was the cherry on top of the cake of character development.  The character of The Mortal Instruments graduated from their simple trading card characters into beings with depth and idividual, unique thoughts and personalities. Oh, and Malec is my life now.

The setting of Idris was fabulous and I can’t wait to see much more of it, as well as to look at the fan art because I know the skyline must be gorgeous.  No matter how much I wanted to see more of Idris, I felt that the series could’ve ended there, as a trilogy. I did love the ending.

As always with Cassandra Clare, the pace could’ve been quicker and the excessive description cut down. The loss of a character was sad, but I didn’t connect with them as much as a reader. When City Of Glass has such a rounded off ending, it leads me to ask, where will Clary take us next?


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