Comings And Goings – July

It’s the first full month of summer and finally getting back in the groove. I’ve been writing so many posts and taking so many photos and running them through Lightroom to make them presentable. All this work so that I can keep my blog and Instagram running throughout my first semester of a university where I will likely find it difficult to read and blog whilst there, maybe I’ll blog a bit.  This month I rewatched all of Brooklynn 99 along with half of Netflix’s romcoms 🙂 Lucifer the cat got bigger and she loves being in the backyard, she’s there so much that we even installed a cat door on the screen down so we wouldn’t have to come open and close the door before she scratches it up.  I’ve finally gotten back to reading, however, it’s been slow, I’ve only read three books this month, but I hope to read five in August *fingers crossed*


Blog Posts:

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Four books are pretty good considering it was right after the big slump. The Unexpected Everything was a good read, perfect for this summer in particular, but took so long to get fascinating (Review Here). TICOBAB was my first book after the slump and it was perfect with all the heart break and how it approached all of its issues (Review Here). Queen of Shadows might not be done entirely by the time this is up, it is a beast but a beast I plan to tackle! The Disenchantments was just as beautiful and perfect for this summer, very short plot but full of the details of the seven days it takes place through. Four good reads for a really good month.


All four of these books have gorgeous and colourful covers, I hope their insides are just as great. Ignite Me is a reread that I’ve been waiting forever to do.

New To The Library:

This month I purchased City Of Lost Souls, The Disenchantments, The Hate You Give, The Thousandth Floor, The Body In The Woods and Wink Poppy Midnight. All of these I can’t wait to read and maybe squeeze into August too!

Top Instagram Post:


Comment below your wrap-ups and TBRs! I can’t wait to read them! 🙂


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