Break My Heart & Blow My Mind – Crown Of Midnight Review (Minor Spoilers)

Some told me that it was the worst in the series, but it was better than the first. I was taken away by the character development, as well as the twists in the eternally interesting plot. My mind was blown, my heart was broken and my hands were reaching for more.

So much happens in this book and many plot twists which I didn’t see coming at all. Celaena becomes King’s champion but still hasn’t killed anyone for him. Magic plays a much larger role in this book, as well as the fae and Cel’s expanded knowledge of Wrdmarks. Archer Finn, friend and a male whore, someone I TRUSTED UNTIL THEY DID TERRIBLE DEED #1. It made me cry so much. But, it did appease me to find that there wasn’t much of Prince Dorian’s brother in this book.

The world building is Crown Of Midnight is gorgeous. From the huge library, the dungeon underground, Adarlan and everything else. Especially all the fae stuff and the carnival. ❤

I love Celaena, she is so real, splurging on books and dresses as soon as she gets her paycheck. On worse days she would get a whole cake and share it with Chaol, but she would just end up eating the whole thing herself, guilt-free. And then she becomes the heir of Terrrassen?! WHAT A GREAT HEIR! But when Dorian lets go of his love for Celeana, that ripped me a lot. Chaol turns out to be annoying, and I supported him at first, but I just always supported Dorian more, especially when I wondered why I cheered on someone with such blind loyalty.  All of the characters did develop and all of them had meaning and depth. I especially enjoyed Baba Yellowlegs in her extreme oddity.

Crown Of Midnight was rather slow at first but then bam! bam! bam! All the action and anticipation for the next page had me finishing this book in no time. I can’t wait for Heir Of Fire and more of the cutest and sweetest Fleetfoot, I have high expectations.


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