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This summer I have spent a lot of time on Netflix, far too much. Sometimes I wish there was an on-demand service for books, wait, e-books. WELL, I WANT INSTANTANEOUS DELIVER OF PHYSICAL BOOKS INTO MY HANDS SOMETIMES. You understand, right?  Well, here is my entry of the Netflix Book Tag, the best of both worlds.


Recently Watched: The Last Book You Finished Reading.

The Unexpected Everything.  In short, which the book totally isn’t, it was sweet and all about friendship. However, I wish there was more action in the 500+ pages the monster of a book it was. In long, check out my review next week.

Top Picks: A Book/Books That Have Been Recommended To You Based On Book You Have Previously Read.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses. Once I first brought Throne Of Glass to school because I was reading it, never have I had so many comments from my friends on the series and how much I should read Sara Maas’s other series, starting with ACOTAR, one still checks in to ask if I have started the series yet. I haven’t.

Recently Added: The Last Book You Bought

The Hate You Give. Ten minutes before that I bought The Disenchantments because the hardcover was autographed and it was only three dollars. So why not? On my way back to my mum from the cashier, I encountered a stand displaying The Hate You Give for only 15 Canadian Dollars. Simply put, the cashier was surprised to see me again so soon.


Popular On Netflix: Books That Everyone Knows About

The Lunar Chronicles. I see it everywhere. I’m not mad. Probably because I put it everywhere too.

Comedies: A Funny Book

Illumnae and Gemina, they both had me bursting in laughter with the dialogue.

Dramas: A Character Who Is A Drama Queen/King.

Tobyhanna from The Unexpected Everything. It’s understandable where the drama comes from, but she is the character with the weakest grasp of reality, such as believing she is cursed.

Animated: A Book With Cartoons On The Cover

The Hate You Give. You could say the girl is cartoonish with the block shapes.



Watch It Again: A Book/Book Series That You Want To Re-Read

Shatter Me Trilogy. I reread Shatter me recently and I can’t wait to read Unravel Me and Ignite Me again, they’re such glorious books.

Documentaries: A Non-Fiction Book You’d Recommend To Everyone

Honestly, I don’t read Non-fiction books. I’ll read articles and watch documentaries a plenty. Mostly on the odd but fascinating stuff from Vox. But no books. Go watch Vox guys!

Action And Adventure: An Action Packed Book

Winter, with 800 pages, there is soooooo much action. My head was constantly going which what way. I love.

New Releases: A Book That Just Came Out Or Will Be Coming Out Soon That You Can’t Wait To Read.

The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie and Bash was just released on July 25th. I was lucky to read an advanced copy of this debut and it was a beautiful book filled with emotion. Go check it out and order it!

Edit: I was tagged by no one, but I will tag Chelsea from Rom Weasely and Sarah from Between The Pages




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  1. I postponed reading ACOTAR enormously and have regretted it, haha. It’s really a series worth reading! And ACOMAF is just.. oof. 😥😥
    Also read The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie and Bash, loved it! You’re totally right recommending this book!

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