Slow Start And Amazing Friendships – The Unexpected Everything Review

Another great summer read from Morgan Matson. Similar to Since You’ve Been Gone, The Unexpected Everything started really slow and it was difficult to get into it. I read over a third of the book before I became invested. The Unexpected Everything featured a close knit group of friends composed of unique character with diverse interests, the characters Matson creates are truly phenomenal. However, more work could be placed into the begging in of the plot to capture the reader’s attention throughout, as 200 pages is too long to be simple and cliché whilst still expecting the readers to read the 300+ pages afterwards.

The plot was barely there. All the way through it was beyond predictable, the beginning was terrible. I almost had to fake shock when I found out her summer internship plans fell off Mt. Kilimanjaro, and then when the boy she liked ended up stealing her heart? How could I see that coming? I’ll admit, I did enjoy their relationship, and especially the boy, Clark was his name.  Yet, there were events existing in the book I could’ve done easily without, but were often there just for the reader to enjoy but have no connection to the overarching plot. While there weren’t large twists, although there was all the drama which I couldn’t stop reading near the ending. The Unexpected Everything came forward on the stage with its story about building and maintaining great and loveable/shippable relationships.

Andie, the mc, was politically smart and hardworking, but I was a much bigger fan of the boy who was home-schooled, is so cool with pop references and fantasy writing and being smart and funny with everything he said and did. The other girls were also fascinating and full of passion for their friendship, and Tom was just kind of there, but that boy Clark will always have my eye much more than all the others.

The Unexpected Everything was a pleasant but slow read. The relationships and friendships were glorious and really brought the book forward along with their summer which sounds like a blast and I loved seeing them solve their issues.


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