Inspiring But Predictable – The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash Book Review

Happy Birthday The Inevitable Collision Of Bridie & Bash! 

There is no book better to pull you out of a reading slump than one that will move you, break you and inspire hope. The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash did just that to me, marking the beginning of a great summer with this fabulous read. However, with character to watch as they go through trauma and a slow burning but glorious romance, the beginning failed to intrigue me and keep me reading.  Lucky for me it was the only book I had for a long car ride, so I pushed myself through those 40 pages in search of entertainment.

Those 40 pages really struck me as a bad middle-grade novel with their simplicity of character and plot which seemed like it was a story created by the common 12-year-old. It was boring, the characters were one dimensional and most of all, it was as emotional as half a pack of stale crackers. On exactly page 41 I became invested, heck I almost cried on that page, the emotions were gone and then it all came and hit me as hard as a car. Bad analogy? TICoB&B was still predictable, it was easily ignored as the shine of the characters blasted throughout the book. The characters kept me entertained through their worries, moments and methods of recuperating. TICoB&B had me on edge with every event from the initial accident to the drawings. Gagner puppeteered this character’s beautiful, creating a story to break and move readers.

Throughout their issues, Gagner revealed more of their true character, pulling them far away from the cookie cutter characters from early on. Each character with their own methods of dealing with loss and trauma, I felt for them and began to cheer them on in their moments of light. Bridie was a hot nerd who placed so much guilt upon her own shoulders, it was sad.  While Bash placed, even more, guilt and pain on himself, in his and Birdies relationship, Bash has issues allowing himself to love her. He was kind, however often an angsty jerk at times.  Sarge was one of my favourite character with his bubble wrap and moments of wisdom. However, the minor character of Dr. Stein has a special place in my heart as he changed the book, and its characters’ lives, for the better.

One major thing I did not understand nor enjoy about this book was the chemistry pushing through the seams. It was very forced and difficult to understand. Most of the time I just skipped the chemistry paragraphs in order not to bore or distract myself from the story

The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash broke and moved me, but it was still predictable with a very weak start.

This ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest unbiased review.


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