Comings And Goings – July

It’s the first full month of summer and finally getting back in the groove. I’ve been writing so many posts and taking so many photos and running them through Lightroom to make them presentable. All this work so that I can keep my blog and Instagram running throughout my first semester of a university where I […]

The Netflix Book Tag

This summer I have spent a lot of time on Netflix, far too much. Sometimes I wish there was an on-demand service for books, wait, e-books. WELL, I WANT INSTANTANEOUS DELIVER OF PHYSICAL BOOKS INTO MY HANDS SOMETIMES. You understand, right?  Well, here is my entry of the Netflix Book Tag, the best of both worlds. […]

Slow Start And Amazing Friendships – The Unexpected Everything Review

Another great summer read from Morgan Matson. Similar to Since You’ve Been Gone, The Unexpected Everything started really slow and it was difficult to get into it. I read over a third of the book before I became invested. The Unexpected Everything featured a close knit group of friends composed of unique character with diverse […]

Inspiring But Predictable – The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash Book Review

Happy Birthday The Inevitable Collision Of Bridie & Bash!  There is no book better to pull you out of a reading slump than one that will move you, break you and inspire hope. The Inevitable Collision Of Birdie & Bash did just that to me, marking the beginning of a great summer with this fabulous read. However, with character to watch as they go through trauma and a […]

The Five Best Books Ive Read In 2017 So Far

I barely read anything so far in 2017. I was so busy and I hated that I had to put books aside for so long. I don’t even have a good record of the books I’ve read. But these five books were wondrous reads. They blew my mind, and if you read them, I hope […]