Its Getting Hot In Here – Ten Books Perfect for Summer Reading

Ah! Summer is about to start and so is reading non-stop without any school stress. My definition of a dream come true. Reading a warm and fun book is all I need to kick start the summer season, and here is a list of ten perfect books to ignite your summer.

Since You’ve Been Gonedsc_0675

Set in summer, and about a girl who finds herself through a summer of great experiences with even better people. What better motivation to have an awesome summer and do these wild things other than to read about how wondrous it could be?

Shatter Me Trilogy

It’s easy to read, nothing you need to focus on too much and with so much action it’s hard to put ANY book from this trilogy down. The trilogy was also so hilarious and fun to read that it will lift your fun summery spirits up out of wallowing in winter.

We Are The Ants

I just finished this, and while not as light and fun as the previous two on this list, it was very engaging. It touches many societal and diversity issues with a dash of aliens. I read this for an English project and it was very enjoyable. Besides, it’s always great to read about characters growing to confront their issues.

DSC_1640 (2)We Were Liars

Another set in summer book, and only in summer could this island be used as the characters only visit this island at summer time. We Were Liars is a really quick read, however very emotional and unforgettable.

We All Looked Up

HAHA Let’s SEE HOW Many TITLES CAN I FiND THAT START WITH “WE”! No, really though, We All Looked Up *hand on heart* is a beautiful book addressing human nature in such a gorgeous way with characters which learn to develop into beautiful things before the very possible end of the world.


Road trips are fun, road trips take place often in summer. and that cover, so cute and warming, like who wouldn’t want to sit on top of a greyhound with Mim Malone during her adventures?

Look Both Ways

For those in summer school, or summer camps, or for those in theatre, how about a book about discovering sexualities while in a theatre summer camp, fun? Well, now I just sound like a librarian trying to stuff books down your throat.


Short chapters so you could read it easily between all your fun activities, NOW I SOUND LIKE A MUM HALP ME PLEASE!

Illuminae Files Series

The only non-contemporary, because it is the BESSSSSSSSST and so much WOOWZAAAA and PLOT TWISTS.. who needs a list of activities when you can read crazy sci-fi!

Vivian Apple DuologyScreenshot_3

Seriously, who read these, because not only are the books gorgeously yellow like the sun but also gorgeous on the inside, a nice pinkish tone the sun gives me after a while. Its the apocalypse according to the Church of America, Vivian Apple is set of hunting down on this CAPITALIST RELIGION, WHAT PLOT COULD BEE BETTER?

Comment Your TTT and Thoughts Below!


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