Confusing, Then Addictive – Illuminae Review

Starting Illuminae, I was blown away, yet after fifty or so pages, I started getting confused. Right off the bat, I got to tell you that I spent more time learning who was who rather than reading what was actually happening. Afterwards, I lived fro the conversations between Kady and Ezra, such love, hope and more importantly snark.

The plot was confusing after they got onto the ship, there was no smooth transition for both pic.jpgme. I had so many questions: how did Kady get into coding, was it because she wanted to know more, how did she meet Zhang? I just had to accept the facts without knowing how they came to be, but as soon as the Lincoln and Phobos became the ‘problem’, it all started to clear up like kids face out of puberty and get intense. I began to really look forward to reading Illuminae at every moment I had to spare, finishing it in no time. It was unpredictable and surprising with its glorious twists, exciting me at every turn.

Zhang was definitely the creepy uncle, not AIDAN, for Zhang always put me off with his creepy uncle ways. However, Kady and Ezra only pulled me in more and more with every conversation. They were the best characters I have read about in a long time. They made me laugh too often, their chemistry and snarkiness were what I lived for in the period of reading this book. AIDAN was interesting, while genderless as an AI, she felt like she to me. The way she spoke, worked and thought piqued my interest, yet I still do not understand why she released the photos onto the ship.

DSC_0254 (2).JPGIlluminae had an interesting setting, while I wished I could’ve learned more about how the ships worked/looked, also what they were working on. The format of storytelling didn’t allow for much description. AIDAN was a great narrator, the writing was superb. I couldn’t get enough, let alone with those beautiful illustrations and cover, LOVE!


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  1. I’m glad you liked this! I read about 100-200 pages of this (it was a while ago…) and maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention or something because I had absolutely NO idea what the heck was going on at that point. I don’t usually do good with books that take place off of planet earth sooo…haha I just tried to start reading Strange the Dreamer and it was pain. 😂


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