Ten Characters Which Would Be Perfect Mums

When we read books, we often come across a character we would really want to see in person. Heck, I know I do.  But what if these characters could be forever in my life? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY COULD THIS BE? Well, if such sorcery existed, here are a few characters I’d post on Instagram calling them my #mum or would make perfect motherly characters.

Sophia Kovalenka

Let’s start with the one true mother in this list, mother of Marguerite Caine, scientist, physician and creator of the Firebird, a true genius who loves her family so dearly and truly would do anything for them. In the third and final book in the trilogy, I saw so many different versions of Sophia and each of them was amazing mothers supporting their children’s dreams. What a mum, eh?

DSC_1359Celaena Sardothien

Currently in the middle of this series and LOOOVING IT! Seriously, this girl is so fiercely independent and crazy in all my favourite ways, a true role model and who doesn’t want to learn weaponry from Adarlans Assassin from a young age.

Kady Grant

Another fierce woman, or maybe just very stubborn. She saved so many people, and with her hacking skills, she is a genius. I love how snappy she was and her voice was so strong. Plus pink hair, fun!


So independent that not even her father, the General, could handle it! She pours with a brilliant strategy to defeat every obstacle in her way, EVERY SINGLE ONE! I loved reading about how she deceived and conquered all, and wish I could’ve seen it in person.

Scarlet DragnaDSC_1216

Scarlet Dragna went to such lengths to save her sister, and in the process, she beautifully kept focused and kept to her priorities. She didn’t stand any foolishness, which maybe wouldn’t make for the most fun of mums but definitely a well-caring one.

Lara Jean Covey

When she is older, I already know her children will be dressed in such cute fashions and the lunches they bring to school will also be killer cute, and when they come home Lara would have some amazing desserts to munch on. My dreams.

Rachel Morgan

Mother of Cameron Morgan, a student at the prestigious spy academy for young women in which Rachel Morgan is the headmistress for. I don’t remember her much, but she loved chocolate and is a spy, a really cool one. I love espionage.


My favourite of the Six of Crows, bold and hilarious. She is also an amazing grisha who loves cake and was once a very loyal member of Ravkans Second army. I wish I could sit with Nina in the evenings, eat cake and talk into the night.

Harpreet Janda

She is so witty and free, she doesn’t hold anything back! One of my favourite characters ever. She made me laugh so much and could make any child’s sadness fade away with one of her absurdly hilarious comments.

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