Gimme Gimme – Ten Things I Wish I Saw More Of In Books


The last few weeks of top ten Tuesday have been gimme more of this and I am repulsed by this so don’t do it if you want me to have it.  So here is another list of ten things I wish were in books more. Enjoy!

Good Humour

No matter what genre the book is, no matter how serious or silly the story may be, I will love it more just because it actually made me laugh. If you can make me read something and end up laughing you, my dearest author, are a genius

Supportive Friendships

Girl supporting the girl, boy supporting boy, girl supporting guy and the whole shebang. Relationships which are actually supportive of one another, and not because “she has the brightest eyes in the galaxy” or any other romantic love-dovey babble, those are the ultimate shippable relationships I would like to the third wheel.


Following up on supportive friendships, supercool squads. A group of buds who are there for each other no matter what and have amazing personalities and interesting interactions with one another, that is the ultimate #bookgoal. If executed right, I’ll love you just for the amazing squad you have entertained myself with.

Similar Hobbies To Mine

Photography, baking, being odd, you name it. When a character shares a hobby with me, they become more relatable and loveable. For example, I hated Thirteen Reasons Why but I gave it an extra start just because some creepy side character liked cameras and was good at his creepy. I appreciate your talent, not the creepy part though.

Mental Health Issues

Most of the diversity I learn about is in books and occasionally in the media, but mostly book. You are my resource for knowledge, and I find mental health books so fascinating, the diversity is so beautiful, and it often helps me understand the issue more.

heartless socks.pngFood

Describe me what the character is eating, yes that’s it! Bakeries, fancy restaurants or sandwiches found dumpster-diving. I don’t care, I want to know that my beloved characters are eating and also to occasionally remind me I got to eat too.


There just isn’t enough cats in books. I love cats. I love my cat and can’t imagine a day without her, so tell me how a character I should relate to could survive a day without seeing their cat.

Robots Or General Nerdery

I am a robotics nerd and a nerd in other forms too. There aren’t enough nerds in books, especially not any modern nerds or geeks. They’re all the traditional I know so much about maths and science but nothing about social interactions, GIVE ME ROBOTICS LOVERS!


I just love the grisha and Leigh Bardugo. I won’t read Crooked Kingdoms until I know there is something else after it because IT CANNOT END NOW!


All that “For Fans Of Ally Carter” books. I love espionage and any con-books. Put me on edge, send me to spy school, send me into the corners of the world searching for clues or people. I want it all.

Comment If You Also Have A Top Ten Tuesday For Today!


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