Anti-Space Capitalism WITH ROMANCE – This Shattered World Review

These Broken Stars was such a great book, I immediately purchased both This Shattered World and Their Fractured Light. I absolutely loved the first book, yet I was saddened when I found out this was an anthology. This Shattered World had a strong military vibe and was much heavier with the politics compared to These Broken Stars, there were less romance, humour and fun. This Shattered World was harder to invest into, but certain moments made it great.

DSC_3641.jpgThe plot was very different from These Broken Stars, I already said that, and sadly, I liked the first one more. The plot in the second book was slow at the start and Jubilee seemed more like a robotic officer at the start so all my interest laid with the rebels. I have to admit that is was boring at the start, second book blues to call it. Once Flynn and Jubilee became closer in the story line, the plot picked up. The characters developed with the plot with all of its twists and turns. The ‘moving’ facility, will o’ wisps and terraforming was forever interesting. This Shattered World was filled sith so much action and description. In addition, all of the scenes with Lilac and Tarver helping take down La Roux Industries, I loved them.

DSC_3656.jpgJubilee was a mindless military robot and her character only gained some life after the bar scene and when she started calling Flynn ‘Romeo’, and it properly progressed when she started gaining sympathy for the rebels… maybe because I could only understand the rebels. Flynn had more character, pacifist and smart, selfless and such a perfect man. Flynn’s and Jubilee’s slow burning romance was extremely shippable, together, they were an undefeatable pairing. I loved learning about their past lives and how they intertwined throughout past and present, as well with Lilac and Tarver. To be frank, I just really loved seeing more lilac and Tarver, earning this book another half star.

I will be reading the final book, but I will not rush it. The science fiction in the Starbound Trilogy was executed beautifully and the romance was only better, I just wish the books picked up more at the beginning. Hopes for the third?


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