Mmm Baby – Ten Things Which Make Covers Gorgeous

Do you ever just look at a book cover, ad drop? The shopkeeper comes to find you drooling on the floor cuddling said gorgeous book. So what makes you drop? Here are ten things which make me LOVE covers on books.

When The Colours Themselves Work Together So Well That The Subject Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Sometimes I just forget what was on the cover, I jus think of it of that dark turquoise to yellow gradient book with maybe a star trail on it I don’t know it was just gorgeous.Screenshot_`3.png

Watercolour Is Used And My Heart Melts In Their Glory

Trending? Yes. But it’s so gorgeous, it gives the cover and arty feel and it’s also a calming feeling to see watercolour. The Covers have more heart than just solid colours with maybe some gradient.

When The Artists Read The Book So That The Cover Matches The Story

The cover isn’t just something loosely related to the story but still gorgeous (sorry Passengers), but it’s something that’s representing the entire plot line vaguely or a significant part of it, such as everyday or Throne OF Glass

dsc_0513These Words…They’re Beautiful

Typography, a tool for beauty or great disaster. In this, I’ll only tell you how some covers just focus on the font of the title because ITS THE ART SCREW THE REST OF IT! Examples: Of Fire And Stars and The Grisha Trilogy

It’s Beyond Our World

I LOVE SPACE It’s SO BEAUTIFUL! The stars, the texture and colour of different planets, nebulae and galaxies. I love the covers for the Starbound Trilogy, especially These Broken Stars. So pretty.


SPARKLE SO SPARKLY I WANT TO HUG YOU AND GET YOUR SPARKLY SHINE ALL OVER ME! @Caraval because damn that’s some sparkly beauty.

I Know It Looks Like Something From The Margins Of Your Notes But I Love It

Sometimes simple squiggles will be so cute that it makes the whole piece. It’s no realistic or near, just cute. Just like Eleanor & Park or the new UK paperbacks of The Morta Instruments. These are also known as the most photogenic due to their simplicity,

It Looks Like This Actually Happened But It’s Just Really Good

Have you ever seen blood dripping from an upside down crown (Red Queen) or people floating through the clouds that you question if they fly (Everyday)? I haven’t, but they look so realistic in these book covers. I aspire to reach this level of photoshop, teach me, master.

When The Covers Have An ‘Aha! DSC_0005.jpgBet You Didn’t See That! Thing Going On

For The Six Of Crows Duology, I noticed nothing of the towers hidden in the bird’s wings. I love the use of negative space to create a whole ew subject. Six FO Crows and Crooked Kingdoms are the only examples I can think of, comment below any others?

Show Me A City, Show Me A Town, Show Me A Bus

Firebird Trilogy,  Mosquitoland and With Malice. What do they have in common? Human-made infrastructure and transportation. I love the urban look so much LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Comment Below Your Top Ten Tuesdays!


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