The Comings And Goings – April

And I thought March was busy! To summarise by book life in April is absolutely JUST  Heir Of Fire, and I still have a few more pages to read, so I sucked at my TBR this month, therefore most of it has been pushed to April. Robotics took over my life, and life took over too. In my FRC (First Robotics Competition) team, we placed high enough to go to Ontario Championships and played very well, and sadly, it was the last event I’ll be part in as a student *sad face*. In other news, my cat got cuter, my Instagram got wonky and here is the rest of the post:

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Last month: Eight books. This month: One and one book for school, and no it wasn’t Heir Of Fire because my school isn’t as cool as reading fae assassin material. Reviews Coming Soon, not for 1984 because it ain’t worth my time nuh uh.



Wow! Three of these were in my last TBR! Maybe I’ll get them all done this month, hopes to?  A little less sci-fi/fantasy because I feel as if those are heavier reading than contemporaries. We Are The Ants is my diversity read for english, I hope it won’t be difficult to analyse and write about it as it is YA.

New To The Library:

As mentioned beforehand, I am reading We Are The Ants for English and had to purchase it. I was also very lucky to receive an ARC of The Inevitable Collision of Birde and Bash by Candace Gagner which I’ll be reading soon, but not now. They’re both such pretty books, We Are The Ants is a nice seafoam green under the sleeve.

Top Instagram Post:


Comment below your wrap-ups and TBRs! I can’t wait to read them! 🙂


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