Confusing, Then Addictive – Illuminae Review

Starting Illuminae, I was blown away, yet after fifty or so pages, I started getting confused. Right off the bat, I got to tell you that I spent more time learning who was who rather than reading what was actually happening. Afterwards, I lived fro the conversations between Kady and Ezra, such love, hope and more […]

Ten Characters Which Would Be Perfect Mums

When we read books, we often come across a character we would really want to see in person. Heck, I know I do.  But what if these characters could be forever in my life? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY COULD THIS BE? Well, if such sorcery existed, here are a few characters I’d post on Instagram […]

Gimme Gimme – Ten Things I Wish I Saw More Of In Books

  The last few weeks of top ten Tuesday have been gimme more of this and I am repulsed by this so don’t do it if you want me to have it.  So here is another list of ten things I wish were in books more. Enjoy! Good Humour No matter what genre the book is, […]

Anti-Space Capitalism WITH ROMANCE – This Shattered World Review

These Broken Stars was such a great book, I immediately purchased both This Shattered World and Their Fractured Light. I absolutely loved the first book, yet I was saddened when I found out this was an anthology. This Shattered World had a strong military vibe and was much heavier with the politics compared to These Broken […]

Mmm Baby – Ten Things Which Make Covers Gorgeous

Do you ever just look at a book cover, ad drop? The shopkeeper comes to find you drooling on the floor cuddling said gorgeous book. So what makes you drop? Here are ten things which make me LOVE covers on books. When The Colours Themselves Work Together So Well That The Subject Doesn’t Matter Anymore […]

The Comings And Goings – April

And I thought March was busy! To summarise by book life in April is absolutely JUST  Heir Of Fire, and I still have a few more pages to read, so I sucked at my TBR this month, therefore most of it has been pushed to April. Robotics took over my life, and life took over […]