Survival Of The Fittest and Love Triangles – Throne Of Glass Review

After two years fo having this sitting on my shelf, I finally got to it.  As my first book o 2017 it was a hit, wow this review was overdue, it’s only been four months. Leaping into this world of fantasy, I was happy. Throne of Glass has the perfect pace, amazing characters, interesting premise, and fun friendships.

As I write this review, I am getting Throne Of GlDSC_1367 (2).JPGass confused with The Winners Kiss. Both Celeana and Kestrel were very strong and smart female protagonists. Celeana starts the series in a slave camp called Endovier since she was an assassin, then was selected to compete to be Kings Champion, otherwise known as freedom after a few years of being a fancy assassin. Odd things begin to happen and Celaena goes behind the tapestry, following the Queens word to solve this dark mystery. All along I suspected either Cain or the King himself, the end was pretty obvious and not as fulfilling of a plot reveal, but this is only the first book of many, and you gotta get the cheesy down somewhere.

When Celaena was first picked, I hated Dorian, but at the same time, love his witty humour. Once the book progressed Dorian became one of my favourite characters. The plot had a good and easy to follow pace, thrilling with a lot of fun and mystery.

In the book, I was not fond of the love triangle, especially as the two boys were best friends and that was really all too awkward for me. However, I failed at picking a side in ToG, but now I’m #TeamDorian.

DSC_1359.JPGAll the characters in this box were entertaining and most as paper thin as a boulder. Kaltain was a jealous petty girl. Nehemia was wise and fun, princess but not always a nice one. Dorian was the sweetest prince and a reader *swoon*.  Chaol, pronounced like the vegetable kale., was innocent, pushing and utter boyfriend material, yet not nearly as interesting as his best friend Dorian. The King, I wonder what makes him act in such a way? Last, but certainly not least, Celaena or Lilian, one and the same. She was extremely fun, so smart and the perfect strong female protagonist, who was so fascinating. I loved how much she cared for fashion, especially with the career she has.

The humour in this novel was amazing. Nehemia was the fun comedic relief from the Battle for Kings Champion. Kaltain was so insane I laughed at her numerous times, she seemed jealous of Cel and took her actions too far and too petty. Dorian with his smart-aleck humour and Celeana to witness it all.

To write a publish novel so young is a feat, but to write one so well is a talent. Action seems to soak these pages, and the slow scenes were written so well you didn’t notice that they were slow. Adarlan and Erilea was a perfect setting and time. I really loved Trone of Glass and can’t wait to love the rest of the series.




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