Ten Symptoms Of Being In A Fandom

Unfortunately, my symptoms weren’t listed on WebMD. I searched far and wide for a diagnosis for my reappearing symptoms. It turns out I have fandomitis and I think you might too. Look at these symptoms and comment below if you’re self-diagnosed with fandomitis.

Falling In Love With The Villain

I am still madly in love with the Darkling. But he is the worst guy but ugh. What other bad guys are there you can’t stop loving, oh yes Warner, but he is a special case. Can’t stop your true emotions. Now when is the next flight to the grishaverse?

two.PNGBudgets Disappearing Where Merch/Special Editions Are Involved

Speaking of travelling to the grishaverse, if that was possible I can’t imagine a sum I wouldn’t pay to be a grisha in the grishaverse. But then there are other things, like Morozova’s Collar. The only good one costs a fortune but I want it so bad. There’s also times when you finally open some of those email newsletters when the words “SPECIAL” or “SIGNED” are in the title. I zap to the link and buy the book. A week later I check my balance and find out it cost me 30 dollars including shipping so I don’t buy crisps for a month because I’m broke.

Becoming Instant BFF’s With Other Fandom Members

Walking in the halls, and you glance someone reading The Mortal Instruments. Forget your destination, sit down next to them and ask where they are at and then DISCUSS EVERYTHING. The destination is damned, you’re rerouting to a new friendship with another fan because Jace/Clary is the foundation of too many friendships.

Constantly Stuffing Books In Others Faces

I just recently read Caraval and it was the best STUFF EVER. Sadly, I lost my review notes and am scrounging up thoughts on paper over a month later, BUT that didn’t stop me from bragging about it to others, trying to get them invested and letting them borrow the book. Watching them slowly drown in its splendidness and waiting impatiently fro them to finish so we can discuss!

DSC_0658 (2).JPGComparing Reality with Fiction

Oh, you wish to sneak around, hold on let me be a fox. Why, you may ask, “Because no one can catch the motherf***ing fox.”. Anyone? No one will understand your reference but you are so happy that your real life at the moment is so similar to a book scene. Such a comparison could brighten your entire day knowing your life isn’t so different from your favourite characters.

Using Odd Phrases

Phrases such as asdfghjkl, readgret and instalove are not ones in the Oxford dictionary, but they are in any reader’s vocabulary. You commonly mispronounce regret with regret because of how many times you read books too fast. The word instalove makes up an entire shelf on your goodreads filled with books where characters jump into relationships too fast. And asdfghjkl, or also known as *slams head into keyboard*, a synonym for frustration.  Strip, hoard, hangover and binge all become positive words in the bookish world and the others be looking at us oddly as we sniff our pages lovingly.

Calculating Time To The Next Release For Your Fandom

As I write this post there are 216 days left until capture1Renegades, Marissa Meyer’s new book is released. I don’t even know what it is about yet accurately, I just know that everything else of Meyer’s is absolutely amazing and I am a lunartic through and through, in desperate need of that book.

Endless Scrolling Through Fandom Memes

Need some way to spend time? No one is online but you have to do something to look busy? Or want a relatable laugh? Look no further than fandom pages on Instagram or Tumblr where the best memes are posted. Let a few hours pass before you realise dinner started an hour ago.

Creating Boards Or Costumes Based Off A Book

The only reason I have a Pinterest account is to make boards full of things I find relatable to a book or character. I take pride in them, but they’re under a pseudonym so don’t bother looking. Also, last year for my last high school Halloween I really wanted to dress up like Aline from the Grisha Trilogy> However, party city does not sell such costumes and yes they’ve already received my complaint.

Comment Below Anything You Do Becuase You’re Bookish



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10 Responses

  1. WELL CHECK (*10) FOR ME 😂. I scroll through book memes endlessly on a weekly basis. It’s bad. I think this is probably the most relatable post I’ve ever seen, so nice job! Almost all my friends love to read, so luckily they understand my weird references most of the time! Speaking of which, my friend just read Caraval a week ago, and OMG SHE LOOOVED IT. I think I will too, so I think I’ll buy it from B&N soon! Okay I could literally write for another hour about this post, but I have to go haha. OH and one more thing: the ONLY reason I have a pinterest account is so I can find relatable stuff (mostly about books) too!! It’s the best place for laughing your head off at stuff NO ONE else understands 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahaha ok I will DEFINITELY buy it now after hearing your opinion!! (Seriously I am 😂) Great, I’ll try to make sure we get to talk one of those ways, thanks!


  2. Yes. All of these.
    Lunar Chronicles! Ahh.
    After reading Heartless and the Scarlet, I am emotionally influenced by vegetables. (Although Tomatoes and Pumpkins aren’t vegetables. whatever)
    -Mary Kate


  3. It sounds like I’m just in a reading fandom ha ha! WARNER! When other people know a character you are talking about that is instant friendship or at least connection.
    I haven’t calculated the time to the next release but I am VERY aware when it comes out especially that one that comes out May 2nd!

    Liked by 1 person

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