The Comings And Goings – March

WHOA! March was crazy? Yeah. There was a lot of robotics organising, (if you’re a part of FRC in any way please comment because HELLO I AM TALK TO ME), I’m typing this between days of my local district event. Yes, my team is doing absolutely fabulous check us out here. Before the competition started I started getting back to reading at a really good pace, like two books a week or more. Then these competitions started and I forgot what is book?? I took the brick Heir Of Fire with me to my travel comp and its still in my suitcase along with my hotel shampoos. So let’s climb back out and write this post dory.

Blog posts:

Gambling With Lives and Hearts – The Winners Kiss Review [Book Review]

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A Reversible Jacket? – A Darker Shade Of Magic Review [Book Review]

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Endless Tears – We Were Liars Review SPOILERS [Book Review]

WHOOOSH!! – Top Ten Books I Finished Too Soon [Top Ten Tuesday]

The Wrong Decisions – Thirteen Reasons Why Review [Book Review]

Oh my look at that perfect pattern of Book Review and then a TTT repeat over and over again all through March. That’s a lot of posts, guess there was a lot of Tuesdays I could write for…



I finished Crown Of Midnight this month? WAT! Pause reading for a moment and let me wipe some tears for the loss of a character. I’m so happy to have gotten back to actually attempting to finish the star bound trilogy after only two years phiiiish that’s not a long time at all. Graphic novels were also really fun and I really got to get to writing reviews. I also lost my review notes for Caraval and now all that’s running in my mind is AMAZING and WHERE IS MUM? So help.


ONLY TWO OF THESE BOOKS WERE IN MY INTENDED MARCH TBR… but who is counting? How to make Dory read her TBR: award doughnuts. Or just use doughnuts as fuel to read? Or just eat them while thinking about reading and then having constant reminders about art due dates and use the books to smash your head on in frustration.

New to the Library:

I finished Crown of Midnight… and then bought all the remaining books in the series excluding Th e Assassins Blade. I bought EVERYTHING off of, the rest of the ToG series as well as The Diabolic, Kisses And Curses and The Fold 🙂

Top Instagram Post:

Top Ten Tuesday! Which books did you read in one day? #toptentuesday #VivianAppleNeedsAMiracle #RuinAndRising #WeWereLiars #TheWinnersCrime #TheLunarChronicles #ShatterMe

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Comment Below What Happened In Your March


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