Ten Things In Unreadable Books That Would Make People Undateable

Last post was about what makes me love books, now I’ll write about what really puts me on edge on whether or not to read a book. There isn’t much. and each book has its individual things that can make or break the book. Just like people, let’s call this speed dating for books, here is a […]

Ten Methods Publishers Use To Make My Wallet Cry

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to books, don’t try to hide, I know you’re pulling pennies from the couch cushions trying to buy that new pretty book. So, in lieu of this week’s top ten Tuesday, here is a list of ten things publishers will do to make me crazy for their book. […]

Ten Symptoms Of Being In A Fandom

Unfortunately, my symptoms weren’t listed on WebMD. I searched far and wide for a diagnosis for my reappearing symptoms. It turns out I have fandomitis and I think you might too. Look at these symptoms and comment below if you’re self-diagnosed with fandomitis. Falling In Love With The Villain I am still madly in love with the […]

The Comings And Goings – March

WHOA! March was crazy? Yeah. There was a lot of robotics organising, (if you’re a part of FRC in any way please comment because HELLO I AM TALK TO ME), I’m typing this between days of my local district event. Yes, my team is doing absolutely fabulous check us out here. Before the competition started I […]