WHOOOSH!! – Top Ten Books I Finished Too Soon

Often enough, a good book is always read too fast. I read the last few pages and I turn to see if there is some pages ripped out of my book because there MUST be more. There usually isn’t. This is a list of ten books I finished too quick.

takekey.PNGEmbassy Row

It’s become a Christmas tradition that I would receive the next Embassy Row book, signed, preordered and personalised every time, the day after or day of, I would plop down and read it with brief interruptions for food until I finished it. Every single year I would read each of them before there were any good discussion boards up and I’m waiting for someone to SAY something about these brilliant books I just swallowed.

A Midsummers Nightmare

Just fifty more pages than the last, Midsummers Nightmare is my favourite for a pick-me-up, it always gets me back into reading with its fun story about a girl who turned out to had sex with her step-brother the night before she met him for the first time as the step brother. The protagonist, Whitley is sarcastic and amazing. The whole thing is amazing.


The chapters are only ten pages at most, and each one is a whole new body which A is in. It’s another really fun and quick book at only 322 pages. This was the only book I wrote in actively, and I have to say it was really fun until I stopped because I got so distracted reading.

DSC_1586 (2).JPGWe Were Liars

It’s 242 pages of emotion. 242 pages you will read so fast and 242 boxes of tissues you will need because it will wreck you. I wrote a review recently, check it here.

Vivian Apples Needs A Miracle

When you’re travelling for about twenty hours from Europe to Canada and your new york flight decides to switch to another airport in the network and you’re left waiting longer, its a nice stress reliever to be able to read. So in those twenty hours, I started, and finished the Vivian Apple geology and WHY DONT MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS?

Wires And Nerve

Kind of cheating because this was a graphic novel, but as soon as I got it the package was ripped open and I read it within an hour or two and wow. Thank you, Marissa Meyer, for being amazing once again.


Speaking of Marissa Meyer, Winter. It wasn’t a book read in one day. But for 823 pages it went by too fast. For bring the end of The Lunar Chronicles, it went b too fast. For this series, each book kept getting better and better and Winter topped them all.

Shatter Me

The second time I read this was such a breeze. About four hours then I wanted to restart Travel me and I FIND OUT THAT I DONT OWN THE BOOK YET WHAT?

The Winners Crime

One of my first few galleys. I was absolutely enthralled when I was accepted The Winners Crime, downloaded it and started it right away. So amazing. So quick.ruin.PNG

Ruin And Rising

Another final book that went by too fast, Ruin and Rising. I wanted more of Alina Starkov,
of the darkling of everything. It was gorgeous and lovely. Stil didn’t read the novellas because I cannot accept the ending of the Grisha for me.

Comment below your Top Ten Tuesday or any other books you read too quick!


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