Endless Tears – We Were Liars Review SPOILERS

e. Lockhart is a cruel evil bastard of an author who I feel is playing a great joke on us. We Were Liars is a brilliant and quick novel which will leave you begging for more. Let me give you my reasons why.


First of all, the story begins with the facts, her injury. How she was in the sea, doesn’t know how it happened, doesn’t remember an entire summer. Yeah.Lockhart has built up the characters so well in this story. I’ve come to love the characters, feel the characters, and understand more and more of them. But as soon as you begin to long for more and more for Cady/Gat to stay together, and in general for the liars to continue being great. You realise that they all died. ALL OF THE PEOPLE THAT CADY LOVED MOST, THE ONES SHE DESCRIBED MOST, THE ONES WE AS READERS LOVED DEARLY, they all died. Poof. She began to remember her memories OF THEIR DEATH and then part five begins. AND THEY ALL DIED!

The book is so well paced, Lockhart was so smart with this. I have read the Fly on the wall a few years back, but this has left me permanently scarred in the greatest way possible. When I think back on it, the liars didn’t eat at the Clairmont anymore, they stood away when she came by, lived alone, barely slept, and so much more that makes so much sense now that I know that they died. Before it wasn’t so important, but just the smart placement of these simple fact just makes it so much bigger when you reach the great twist.

Throughout the book, there are the Once upon a Times snippets which I love dearly. It’s like Cadys‚Äô way of making it more jokey yet more serious. Especially one of the last ones with the curse. I felt something coming, and again, going back to it made so much more sense. But it wasn’t that I didn’t understand it, just the words between the lines are so much clearer.

I would have never come across the idea that they were dead, never. As a reader, you usually fill in the blanks with the most obvious idea to go with the story. I fell for it. It was so real, so believable. I just want to read it over and over again, buy box after box of tissues at dollarama. Because what Lockhart does here is plays with your emotions like a master. WHERE DID SHE PRACTICE?


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