A Reversible Jacket? – A Darker Shade Of Magic Review

A Darker Shade Of magic is a beautifully written fantasy novel which I got lost in myself. Wanderlust took over as I followed the journey of Kell and Lila. As gorgeous as it was, it just wasn’t one of my favourites. It took me a while to read and on my first try of reading it I dropped it due to getting busy, I guess? Dory just doesn’t know why she didn’t have the urge to ingest the entirety of ADSOM in one day, even with all of its glamour!
DSC_0442V.E. Schwab had the right amount of everything in her work. When she describes, she builds. Your eyes aren’t reading the words on the page, but they are there. They are there witnessing the magic oozing from Kells fingertips. Your nose isn’t sniffing that scent of books we all love, but smelling the scents of Gray London, the duller of the three London’s. V.E. Schwab described everything there was, but it never felt as if there was too much. Even if she describes the rocks on the road which Kell falls onto, your focus is still on what’s important, but Schwab just adds to the already gorgeous image you have set in your mind.
The plot in this book has never had its down moments as I cannot recall a single time when ADSOM got boring or slow. Schwab kept the whole ball of yarn unravelling at a steady and comfortable pace, for both those extreme scenes and those chill between.  V. E. Schwab had total control of this ride, and isn’t she a fantastical driver! She took me down in the darkness with the White king’s and queen’s cruelty and up to the brightness with the beauty of each of the four London’s. Schwab took twists had me in surprise each time and eager to know more after each page and clue. She kept me curious with Black London and grinning with Prince Rhy.
Our two main characters are Kell and Lila. Both from separate worlds but with their threads intertwined. Kell is an incredibly smart character who always has a go-to, he has plans even as tables turn again and again. He collects facts from everything and anything and creates statistics and connections. Kell has a caring personality with an edge of daring. He constantly wants to please others, or at least keep them all safe. He will go to great extents to satisfy the ones he loves and to keep others safe. It’s truly admirable. Let’s not forget about his young curious spirit or his magnificent jacket with its, however, many sides. Where can I get one of those?
Lila is our second main character, even though she comes from the duller of the three DSC_0468 (2).JPG‘active’ worlds, she has a bright personality. Personally, I could relate really well with Lila and her persistence. Whenever Lila wants something or sets herself to a task, she runs and fights. Lila will tolerate the lows when she knows it can, and she will make it, happen. Lila is a strong woman of her word. She is independent and self-benefitting, constantly finding an advantage to each situation. Unlike Kell, she will do a lot to achieve greatness, she will go through anything to have her adventure. Lila is very strong and strategic, a character you will not forget.
The fantasy aspect of this novel is a masterpiece that should be treasured.  The concept has it all, I loved the simplicity yet complex world V.E. Schwab created. It is much unlike ours and similar at the same time. It is amazing and I definitely look forward to A Gathering Of Shadows.

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