Ten Books I Scrapped Pennies For… But Are Still Sitting Unread On My Shelf

Did you ever see a book on goodreads you really wanted to read? Have you ever had a book impulse purchase? Did you see a book on sale or clearance and you think, I could read that? And then its a year later and you look at that book and think why did I buy that. Feel alone? Worry not,  I’m sitting with a stack of them next to me.

blue.PNGRed Queen

Ugh there was so much hype behind this book, and me being a fantasy crazed girl who loves twisted royalty, I just had to buy it. That was almost two years ago. I look at it now with a question for when I’ll actually get around to it.


BookOutlet guys, cheap discounted prices makes it seem to justify that this wouldn’t be a book I’d pick up on my own. It’s also gigantic and too daring, I could never start it unless someone told me I’d have to eat kale macaroons otherwise.

The Knife Of Never Letting Gobookrainbow-insat

I don’t even know when I even bought this. I think… Indigo? Maybe over two years ago? All I know is that somehow everyone hears everyone’s thoughts and that scares me.


FRIKEN WITCHCRAFT! I LOVE WITCHCRAFT IN BOOKS! Under the sleeve, the books look like a witchcraft book, so cool, even the cover looks really nice. Why didn’t I start this one yet?

All The Rage

Courtney Summers, Canadian author, author of three novels sitting on my shelves, All The Rage the one which started it all. Preordered off amazon, thriller I was excited for, how ‘thrilled’ I am to have never started it.

ornage.PNGI’ll Give You The Sun

Those NetGalley samples man, you read 30 pages of a 200+ page book and you tell yourself it was just a sample you don’t have to go out of your way to get it, and then it’s on BookOutlet and you just have to because it was only 7.79 Canadian dollars and you get all excited to read it in its colourful beauty… but ooh new shiny thing, and I’ll Give You The Sun has suddenly lost its priority.

Out Of The Easy

Another book by another great author, Ruta Sepetys, author of Between Shades of Grey. Did you also know I bought her newest book and still haven’t started it?


This also goes for Stars Above. Both of these books are the extras to The Lunar Chronicles. Reading them means there will be no more. As a Lunartic, I will become Lunatic if I run out of my Lunar reading material.


On my TBR ever since I knew what YA stood for. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT IT IS ABOUT. help. I have strangers on my shelves.

screenshot_2The Unexpected Everything

Since You’ve Been Gone was the book of my dreams, absolutely gorgeous. The Unexpected Everything came along, and it’s so gorgeous with its summery cover, dogs and its yellow hardback. It also beautifully collects dust as I can’t find the time to start it.

Comment below if you have any books sitting on your shelf, guilting you.



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  1. I totally get it! I have books on my TBR shelf that I don’t even remember buying! A few of these are Impossible by Nancy Werlin, Pandemic by Scott Sigler, and The Beginning of After by Jennifer Castle. I would like to say, though, that Delirium, The Unexpected Everything, I’ll Give You the Sun, and Red Queen are all worth picking up. (I can’t be an advocate for the rest of them).

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