Gambling With Lives and Hearts – The Winners Kiss Review

A fantastic ending to the Winners trilogy, goodbye Kestrel and Arin, the best and top OTP in YA. The Winners Kiss is packed with emotion and action, Marie Rutkoski has the most beautiful writing. You should check out the action scene, so tense switching between Kestrels and Arins views. All the way through, there is no dull moment, the author has so much talent in writing that it is so bittersweet to see this story end.

Compared to the first two books, The Winners Kiss is more Capture1.PNGserious with lots of blood, gambling, tension and trusts in relationships. I completely wasn’t expecting Kestrel to become an addict, or forget some of her past, it was surprising and saddening. Yet no work camp will break Kestrel, she comes back at it again with stronger and more creative strategies to take down the empire.

I loved seeing more of Roshar in The Winners Kiss, he was such a fascinating, fun yet kind character with sarcasm pouring out of every crevice, I even believe I love Roshars character mush more than Arin’s. Roshar was an amazing friend who always knew what to say.

Kestrel continued to be her smart and strong character who does not take no for an answer, she is a role model to all. She goes through so much in this book and makes difficult decisions but pulls through it all successfully.

Arin loses his naivete but is still a love-sick jock. Kestrel and Arin both grown and become more mature and serious with their actions. Seeing Prince Vortex was extremely sweet, the emperor was a poop, but Kestrels father, his relationship with Kestrel was so interesting, Trajan was loyal like a dog to the empire, but he was still a father. Kestrel knew he ruined her life but she still loved him. I wonder what happened to General Trajan.

I cannot wait to read Rutkoski’s next works, her writing is absolutely spectacular. The Winners Kiss is so incredibly detailed and never dull. In battle scenes, I couldn’t stop reading, especially with Marie Rutkowski quickly alternating perspectives where each one ends with a cliffhanger. The Winners kiss was built so well, a gorgeous fantasy with a hundred different gods to embrace, Good night and sweet dreams Arin and Kestrel, I’ll miss you lots!



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