The Comings and Goings – February

BIG NEWS! My local library juts reopened after a 200+ day strike, BRING IN ALL THE BOOKS I CANT AFFORD! In my life this month was the end of FRC build season, valentines day, A NEW SEMESTER OF SCHOOL WITH PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART AS TWO OF MY CLASSES OH YEAH, also acalculous class where my teacher asked me when I’m dropping the class because I read in sleep in his classes aha hahaha…. boy watch me rock your class and sleep at the same time son. WATCH ME. tsk tsk tsk. oh, and I got a hair cut.

Recently where I live it been really warm, like double digit centigrade, sweater weather, but it snowed today and I can’t take my cat on walks anymore. 😦

If you read my last Comings and Goings then you would know that I said I’d post twice a week AND schedule posts. Welcome to my blog guys, I can’t deliver on my promises, anywho, here is the wrap-up for February and plans for march!

Blog Posts:

The Comings and Goings – January  [My first wrap-up and TBR post, also where broken promises are found.]

Since You’ve Been Gone: #squadgoals  [Book Review]

LET THEM SHINE – 10 Characters That I Just Need More Of   [Top Ten Tuesday]

LET’S GET THE D’AWW’S -Top Ten Quotes About Love  [Top Ten Tuesday]


Comment below which review you want first because I did each partially so far.

I really enjoyed The Winners Kiss, it had less of a YA tone to it due to how mature all the characters behaved. Stitching Snow was odd, especially for the first 100 pages, but then I started to enjoy it more and it was okay. Shatter Me was a reread and I plan on writing a review based off of my reread because there are some things I didn’t notice the first time around, and then there is Caraval. Gorgeous inside and out, it was really fun and mysterious and lots of plot twists.


New to the Library:

This month I’ve had FOUR books come to my doorstep, one of them was purely because I was sad and wanted to treat myself with a full priced book I couldn’t find on a bargain book site, Salt To The Sea. The other three were from and they were Rebel Belle, Map of Fates and The Infinite Sea.

Top Instagram Post:

Happy #SockSunday I got these indigo reading socks from the best bf ever 💕#Caraval

A post shared by D O R Y (@fishthatreads) on Feb 12, 2017 at 12:55pm PST


Comment below and tag me in your March TBR and February Wrap-Ups


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