LET THEM SHINE – 10 Characters That I Just Need More Of

Anytime we finish a good book, we read the Acknowledgements in hopes that we get another snippet about the characters. Once you close the book, you want to just read it again to be with those characters once more. BUT ITS NOT THE SAME! WE WANT MORE CONTENT WITH MORE OF THOSE LOVED CHARACTERS! So here is a list of ten characters I’m walking on the author’s heels on about.

Harper – Vivian Apple Needs A Miracle

From one of the most underrated ya duology in existence, Harper is the sassy humorous friend who brings so much joy to the story. She is incredibly snarky and stands tall especially to those who threaten her or her friends. In the second book (Vivian Apple Needs a Miracle), Harp really brings her amazing sass out with her blog which I died laughing for each time the book features snippets of posts.

Kady – Illumnae

I do know that we did get a ton of Kady and her witty sassiness, but with the format of the book, it was incredibly difficult to get RIGHT there with everything she did. Kady was so snarky, especially in the IMs, which I lived for!

Peyton – My Kind Of Crazycapture

Peyton was an extraordinary bizarre character which I could relate to so well, somehow.  She wouldn’t hold back on opinions and had very odd rituals I loved hearing about. She is a pyromaniac and I love her through and through. This is a message to Robin Reul to write a spin-off starring Peyton the Pyromaniac.

Dawn – Since You’ve Been Gone

THE BESTEST OF BEST FRIENDS! I have a thing for sassy snarky best friends who don’t care 🙂

Kenji – Shatter Me Trilogy

The comedian and lighthearted best friend any girl could wish for. He has an amazing sense of sarcasm and is so confident in himself it’s hilarious. Besides that, any page with him was illuminated with it ethereal shine, if you read Shatter Me, you know exactly what I mean. Following is one of my favourite quotes from him.

“You are moody. It’s always ‘Shut up, Kenji.’ ‘Go to sleep, Kenji.’ ‘No one wants to see you naked, Kenji.’ When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked—”

Dorotea – After The Woods

I’m not exactly sure what role Dorotea played in After The Woods or even if I liked her character, I JUST LOVED HER NAME! I HAVE THE SAME NAME! You know all those keychains and mugs with names on them, as a kid I would scour them in hopes of seeing my name, silly me, THERE IS NO OTHER DOROTEA IN CANADA! Yet, Kim Savage takes this gorgeous name in her book. I need more Dorotea’s in my life.

dsc_0025Wylan/Jesper – Six Of Crows

OMG, HOW SWEET THEY ARE! The best bromance I have seen in YA, and possibly a romance, I can’t really tell from Six of Crows alone. They are so cute together while they joke around about each other. I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdoms and discover more of their (b)romance.

Coco – Kids Of Appetite

The perfect foul mouthed 11 years old (that’s like 20 in Brooklyn years), that brightens up the Kids of Appetite group. She was amazingly snarky and believes she is more than she is which is so cute.

Marguerites Parents – Firebird Trilogy

Do you ever have an OTP you just can enough of? They’re usually the main character. IN the firebird trilogy Marguerite has the sweetest most OTP relationship ever. They’re absolutely perfect and fit together like a puzzle. They work together, they studied together, they are geniuses together and the fangirl/boy together with so much shared the excitement, most of all they have a real long lasting love that never burns out. So damn cute.

Capture1.PNGThe Whole Lunar Chronicles Gang

ALL EIGHT OF THEM! SO GOD DAMNED GOOD!  I was trying to pick one character to from the group, but I just cant. They’re all so fun and great characters. Four books weren’t enough. Two other books to the side didn’t help. Starting a graphic novel series also didn’t help, because now I just want more.




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