The Comings and Goings – January

Although a very unblogful month, a lot has happened in January for me, starting with working and completing my portfolio applications for three universities, applying to university and then getting accepted to my top program! *insert dance party here* Semester One of my last year in highschool just finished today with my last exam, and let’s not forget about the release of WIRES AND NERVE!

Back to the bookish world: I read 4 novels and one amaaaaaaazing graphic novel by the amazing Marissa Meyer (author of The Lunar Chronicles and Heartless (yes I’m a raging lunartic)) I had four blogs posts, more than I remember posting, seemingly I’m blogging more than I thought it did, next month I plan to blog twice a week AND have some posts scheduled in advance HIGH FIVES FOR THINKING AHEAD!

Blog Posts:

Goals for 2017  [Im afraid I cant say much for this, it is my Blog and Life goals for 2017]

Criminal prodigies with MAGIC: A Six OF Crows Review [Book Reivew]

2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Life Got In The Way  [Top Ten Tuesday]

When It’s More About The Art Than The Words  [Top Ten Tuesday]



I’m looking forward to every book on my TBR next month and I wanted to add some graphic novels especially after writing my last post and Wires and Nerve.

New to the Library:

This month I bought three books, although two were preorders from awhile go, those books are Crown Of Midnight, Caraval and Wires And Nerve. All of which are on my TBR or already read ahaha 🙂

Top Instagram Post


Comment below and tag me in your February TBR and January Wrap-Ups


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