LET’S GET THE D’AWW’S -Top Ten Quotes About Love

  Do you ever just read and then it gets really cute and you’re making those faces where your head shrinks back into your shoulder and you make illegible sounds because you can’t get enough of the really adorable scene going on? That was me and most likely you too while reading these quotes. Click […]

LET THEM SHINE – 10 Characters That I Just Need More Of

Anytime we finish a good book, we read the Acknowledgements in hopes that we get another snippet about the characters. Once you close the book, you want to just read it again to be with those characters once more. BUT ITS NOT THE SAME! WE WANT MORE CONTENT WITH MORE OF THOSE LOVED CHARACTERS! So […]

Since You’ve Been Gone: #squadgoals

Since You’ve Been Gone is a perfect book for summer reading. At first glance, I thought it was a really long book. Yet, but the time I passed the 400th page, I was begging for more than the 49 pages I had left. The book made me want to read more of Morgan Matson’s works. Owning […]

The Comings and Goings – January

Although a very unblogful month, a lot has happened in January for me, starting with working and completing my portfolio applications for three universities, applying to university and then getting accepted to my top program! *insert dance party here* Semester One of my last year in highschool just finished today with my last exam, and […]