When It’s More About The Art Than The Words – Ten Graphic Novels With Beautiful Artwork

I really enjoy reading graphic novels and then they have nice art… I CANT HELP BUT LOVE THEM! This is just ten graphic novels which art I wouldn’t mind spending days staring at, comment below if some graphic novel art has caught your eye

Locke And Key sample

Locke And Key – I read every book in this series it’s so brilliant. It’s a really dark fantasy so if you’re not cool with blood gushing out of people’s eye sockets don’t read this because everything gruesome is exaggerated and there are so many strange mysterious things that bring out the artists talent to convey their imagination. The art style matched the story really well, sometimes it even seems that it really happened 😉


Low – I own two graphic novels and I got this one purely for its art. But the story proved to be just as fascinating. But the ART OMG! Most of the pages were two tones with different hues. This made the book really beautiful and having the consistent colours on the page added an atmosphere. Besides the colour, the drawings were also different than I’ve seen in other books, check it out for yourself.


Elektra sample

Elektra – If I had to come up with something as creative as the cover as Elektra would still be sitting here until my last da thinking. I love how creative the story was told. In the first few pages Elektra is dancing with ribbons and then all of a sudden the ribbons are blood gushing out of a victim! Elektra used a soft colour scheme that reminded me of water colour, it was calming, a contrast to the murder that just fits perfectly.


The Wicked + The Divine –  I am a huge fan of colour and in The Wicked +The Divine THEY DO NOT HOLD BACK! THEY WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE COLOURS UNTIL YOUR BRAIN EXPLODES COLOURFULLY! that’s a reference to Vol. 1.

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly – This was a very creepy book and I loved how the art style was also particularly creepy there were thin lines, whooshing details and muted colours, very much unlike The Wicked + The Divine.


Saga – Morbidly beautiful. Guts and glory. I love how the style is a little more laid back, where the outlines actually look like sketches and aren’t drawn to have concise endings, its flowing and beautiful. The colours they use are very well chosen. I need to catch up on this series.

Y: The Last Man – I mostly included this because of its brilliant story, you guys really need to try this out. The art has a classic feel, the colours a bit muted, I enjoyed it.


Paper Girls Sample

Paper Girls – I love how easy it was to read this, there aren’t bright colours that burst into your retinas. I love the sketchy feel and the softer pastel like colours. I only read a few pages of the first volume. I’ll probably have both volumes finished before this gets posted aha


The Undertaking Of Lily Chen – This graphic novel had less of a comic-y art vibe, it had its own style, with water coloured scenery to die for. I was kind of bothered by some parts because the way the characters were drawn vs. the backgrounds were so inconsistent it bothered me.

In Real Life Sample


In Real Life – I almost forgot about this cute little novel until I saw it on another blogger TTT.  I really enjoyed reading this and gave it five stars on goodreads. The art style is very innocent and sweet, I found it fun how the artist is like most others, and making realistic looking hands is like hell on earth.


If you couldn’t tell by this post that I FRIKEN LOVE graphic novels, well here I am telling you. I only own two because they cost a fortune and you finish them in only two bites.



Comment below if you have read any of these or know any other graphic novels with amazing artwork!


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