2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Life Got In The Way + Giveaway

Like mentioned in all the posts before, I wish I read more in 2016. Please enjoy my top ten Tuesday and check out my giveaway on WordPress or Instagram

Three Dark Crowns

I wanted to read this ever since I saw it in the owlcrate a few months ago. It has such a beautiful cover and that about all I know so far. That, and the fact that I want it.

Of Fire Of Stars

This was in the December owlcrate my lovely boyfriends got me. It pretty fascinating 🙂 But I had two weeks before the year ended so kinda fair that I didn’t rush into it.

The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything

It was just so beautiful! So many good reviews! I loved Since You’ve Been Gone and I wish I read The Unexpected Everything last summer. Hopefully next year.

Stars Above

Anyone who has read The Lunar Chronicles knows that it’s the best series on the surface on the globe. I read all four of the series, but reading this collection of novellas, it would end that world. It would be THE END of The Lunar Chronicles, I just cannot deal with finishing it just yet.

The Crown

I had to double check the copyrights page to see if it was even published in 2016 because it felt like so long ago. Did anyone else not read this yet? Comment below.


I really enjoyed Illumnae even though it was so confusing for the first half or so. The second half blew my mind, I want to read on but I’m sad that Gemina won’t take place with the same characters  ;(

Crooked Kingdoms and The Winners Kiss

Crooked Kingdoms


The Winners Kiss

A whole year with no Marie Ruktoski! I cannot believe that this has become a reality. I guess that maybe there’ll be two Marie Ruktoski novels in 2017 for me 😉


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  1. I have Of Fire and Stars on my TBR too but I’m not entirely sure I still want to read it because of all the mixed reviews. I can however recommend TUE and The Winner’s Kiss – I really like those two books. TDC is a bit underwhelming, but still worth checking out if you like slower fantasies.

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  2. I haven’t really read any of those books, although I heard a lot of good reviews on The Winner’s Kiss. Excited to know what you think of it too! I’ve been on a slump last year so I’m just happy to be learning about what books to read this year. The photos are super cute by the way. 🙂


  3. I bought The Crown last year but I didn’t finish it. 😦 I loved the first four books and I was really disappointed. But maybe it had something to do with who I was rooting for. My OTP did not end up together. (Yes, I skipped to the end. Haha.)


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