Criminal prodigies with MAGIC: A Six OF Crows Review

Beautiful, inside and out

Beautiful book, inside and outBeing able to revisit the grishaverse was a gift given to me, us. When Sankta Alina wasmentioned i squealed with joy in hopes of seeing her in this book, but Six of Crows and and The Grisha Trilogy are set far away from each other. Its like comparing Eleanor and Park with Fangirl. But I really loved Six of Crows, I laughed, basked in the action and swam through the pages. Leighs characters are mind blowing, for I am proud to display my Six Of Crows poster at my bookshelf. Its not just the characters making the book, but the story too, making Six Of Crows a must read for everyone, fantasy lovers or not.

The plot did start very slow, and the first chapter made me very confused, nothing in the chapter came up again and having such a pointless chapter bothered me. It took a long while to get to the main crime plot, beforehand you are building connections with the characters and anticipation to see Kaz’s great master plan. I have a thing for heist and espionage just like i have a thing with doughnuts, I cant hold back the love. Yet when Leigh threw in all the fun and twists damn this doughnut book was amazing. Personally, I love hearing the backstory of all the wrong-doing characters, so the first third of the book wasnt all that bad.
Such A Poser

Back to those beautiful characters, WHOA! Leigh created these amazing group of characters, developing dynamically. Their personalities are all so interesting to read about, they brought a great sense of humour to the story, and the romanticism was amazing. Kaz was the mastermind, his plans surprising me every few pages and his determination & honesty are his most admirable qualities. Nina is a heartrender, meaning she can control bodily functions, specializing in killing other, cute. Nina does love food almost more than the food bloggers i know.  She has great sass, kindness and is clever. Inej was annoying at times when she considered her self separate from the gang, even when Kaz showed her the love he has for her she was giving conditions for him to love her. While, Inej does make a great spy, she wasnt likeable. Then there was Wyla, underestimated but so smart, i want to know more about him. Jesper and Wylan made the best friendship ever, bringing in so much laughers. Jesper was egocentric, but i the best way possible. That there is the Six of Crows gang.

Six of Crows was written so well, the third person narration worked seamlessly. The worldbuilding was amazing. I loved reading every page (even the first chapter if it was separate from this book) of this dark fantasy novel. I cant wait to read Crooked Kingdom and learn more about these characters.

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  1. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! (Sorry, mentions of Six of Crows is a guaranteed way of getting me to type yell). Great review! Inej was actually my favorite out of the six so I’m sad you didn’t like her as much.

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  2. I am looking for the book in a few days! If I can find it, I hope I will like it as much as you do 😀

    Been hearing tons of praises of this, and I am really excited to read it! XD

    Great review 🙂


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