Goals for 2017 & AMAZON GIVEAWAY

I started my blog at the start of 2016… and failed drastically. Behold, the return of the blogger. I know you’ve seen like 297 different resolutions posts but i really like making lists and crossing them off, even if they’re insane. So ill start with my 2016 resolution list and then Giveaway details at bottom of post!

1) Read 100 novels.

Nope. I know is didn’t read 100, but according to goodreads, i read EIGHT books. I sucked at blogging, Instagramming and keeping record of reading on goodreads. I guess i read about 30, it was bad.

2) Get 100 Followers on this blog.

Maybe if i blogged past January… i would get there. I currently have 70 which is pretty close considering.

3) 3000 Followers on Instagram.

A little crazy. But I did get to 2000 followers last week so hip hip hurray!

4) Keep to my schedule of blogging

LOL I’m still trying.

5) Make awesome graphics for my blog

I think I’m getting there. I’m pretty proud of how it looks like right now, but I want to add more things to it.

6) Utilise notebooks

I ACTUALLY DID THIS! My boyfriend got me this amazing notebook which i write my reviews in and its beautiful and i ACTUALLY use it!

7) Read all the books I own and haven’t read yet.

hahahahha…. well i didnt read any ebooks or library books this year, but 50% of my reads were new purchases.

8) Read ALL my review copies!

I’ve gotta kick NetGalley in the butt and tell them that I CAN have a 99% read-to-review ratio. Because i did not do that last year.

9) Not to give up on any project.

This was a success. Im doing university applicatiosn right nnow and just about rounding it off. I dont want any half done painting, projects, i want to blog weekly at the bare minimum.

10) Try Ironing.

Still deathly afraid.


i am! here are 10 goals for 2017!

Only One Book here is unread 🙂


1) Bookstagram daily

almost there. just gotta keep at it.

2) Get to 5,000 followers

I just got to 2000 followers. 5000 is a stretch but lets try. I have an amazon giveaway for that! Enter at the bottom of this post or on my instagram post for the giveaway found here

3) Get to 200 followers on this blog

Hurry up and follow me! I follow back all book blogs!

4) Read 100 books.

Just like every other year! I actually want to read 150 this year but i know ill be busy.

5) Post regularly

I want to post at least five times every two weeks. Top Ten Tuesdays, 2 book reviews and a book tag or discussion book.

6) Have a bullet reading journal

Makes reviewing so much easier.

7) Be happy

8) Really integrate myself in the blogging community.

Read more blog post, comment and like more. Join discussions everything. I want to know you!

9) One group/buddy read a month

These are really fun! Just got to find the people.

10) Learn more about photography

I love this ish. LOVE! I love learning more but i want to take some shots to be really proud of. Take that camrera everywhere girl.


This is the giveaway post image on instagram


The giveaway is 15USD on amazon.com with some leeway because I’m kind. To enter all you have to do is follow me on either Instagram or WordPress, tag someone on either platform on the giveaway post. Comment below for which you follow and who you tagged. Ends February 1st!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Comment below if you also have new years resolutions or have a post you want me to check out!





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