Book Peeves: Black Hardbacks

I get so excited when I see a pretty hardcover with pretty colours and all, but then I see that black edge. That black edge, declaring that this book with the pretty cover does not have a hardback with a colour to awe. I know that 90% of my wardrobe is black and that I generically enjoy the darkness black provides, BUT NOT WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL BOOKS!

Some books are so beautiful but then they have black covers that contrast the brightness and happiness withing

Some books I know have such amazing colours on their covers, such wonderful opportunities for matching, beautiful hardbacks. But then they ruin it with making the hardback black. I can see the marketing departments of YA publishers deciding colour schemes, their conversation goes a bit like this:

look at these beautiful colour, don’t you want some of that?

“Alright, a teen contemporary novel with a summery, fun cover with two girls eating ice cream on the kerb, what colour should the hardback be?”

“Maybe a bright colour to match the sprinkles on the ice cream?”

“What about a nice green to match the rest of the book?”

“Arent teenagers super angsty and love black? Let’s make it black.”

LIKE WHY?! (btw I was talking about Since You’ve Been Gone, totally worth reading, I just posted my updated review on the blog, please check that out) It’s a super cute and fun book AND THEY HAD THE OPPOTURNITY TO HAVE THE COVER MATCH THE JACKET BUT NOOOOOO screw dory, let us make the colour totally unrelated to the book.

Hardbacks with pretty, uncommon colours sell. Whenever I see a post of a really nice, naked hardback, I go dammmmnnn that’s a hella nice book. I’m more likely to buy it then if I know it’s pretty.  Books are pretty as they are, but add a pretty hardcover and money will go flying. I would buy it and take pictures with that new bae for days.

Impossible unless you own a million books and can find ANOTHER ShADE OF GREeN!

Another issue with black hardbacks is that they did stand out anymore, it’s just another black book. I WANT FUN BOOKS, YA authors are crazy creative people who deserve to have books to match that crazy creativity within. Black hardbacks are a virus spreading across my shelves and I really need some new popping colours to have fun with. Have you ever tried making a book rainbow and not having enough shades of green? I have one green hardback. One. I need more.


I LOVE diversity, I get a diverse book with a hardcover that looks like the designer came straight out of the 1800s with their boring book covers. LGBT flag is the rainbow, but this LGBT book is black like the books have been for centuries. Those are no different from law books, textbooks, those fake books at the dollar store.

OMG, WHEN IT doesn’t even have A FANCY FOIL FOR THE SPINE TEXT to be at least a little cool. The book might as well be in comic sans and that repetitive silver foil because the industry is losing creativity.


Black hardbacks can look very bueno indeed


Or when books covers decide to be bipolar and the spine is a different colour from the rest of the book. LIKE MAKE UP YOUR MIND WHEN I USE THEE IN BOOK PICS I HAVE TO HIDE THEIR SECOND COVER LIKE LOL YOU DONT EXIST.

My last and most important point it that, I still love books, I can list plenty of black books I actually really love *cough* lunar chronicles *cough*. There is a lot of books where they can pull off a black hardback cover, it suits the storyline. Even when the colours doesn’t match the story, I’m still going to love the book.

Still, books are amazing and I just want some more colour on my shelves, don’t you?

Comment below your favourite book that looks amazing naked!


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