New-To-Me Authors of 2016

I absolutely sucked at reading books this year, I even just changed my goodreads reading goal down from 100 to 52.  Who else didn’t have a good year for their reading goals? I couldn’t even update my Goodreads as I read so in all honesty, I don’t even think I read a book a week this year, let alone 10 new authors.

 Kim Savage – After The Woods

I chased after Kim Savage on instagram for a review copy for this gorgeous book, it was definitely worth it! After The Woods was an engaging thriller with lots of mystery. The main character, Julia is so strong, and there is even a character with the same name as me, DOROTEA! The only time I’ll ever see my name in the media…. Thank you Kim 🙂
Goodreads Review Link

Jan Gangsei – Zero Day

An amazing cyber terrorism and espionage book, I’ve never read a book like it! Zero Day doesn’t have a single dull moment and barely lets you breathe between chapters.  There is the right amount of crime and drama to lure anyone in. You have to add it to your TBR, comment below if you read Zero Day? And if you want a sequel (I know I do!)
WordPress Review

Maggie Hall – The Conspiracy of Us

I love espionage! When this was labeled as ‘perfect for Ally Cater fans’, how could i RESIST? It has a really fast pace, with an amazing world and terribly fascinating characters. It was a bit confusing at times and I still have a lot of questions, I hope it’ll clarify in book two.
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Leigh Bardugo – Six of Crows and The Grisha Trilogy

I didn’t just read one book by Leigh this year, I read ALL of Leigh. Or at least I’m currently reading Crooked Kingdoms and will be done this year… YOU GET THE GIST! Oh my grisha, is she the best? Yes. Yes, she is.
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Alexandra Bracken – Passenger

While I did have some issues with the plot and the pace of this book, the writing was bloody amazing! She describes places beautifully, painting pictures in my mind that I could stare at for daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyysssssss.
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Cori McCarthy – You Were Here

An amazing combination of novel and graphic novel. This book is beautiful, inside and out, literally. You Were Here kept me fascinated and thrilled all the way through this coming-of-age story. I loved the switching perspective and especially the artwork and comic chapters. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE URBAN EXPLORING! This book had me looking at urban ruin photography for days…
Goodreads Review

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