Ten Books Im Thankful For

In all honesty, I’m thankful for each and every book I read. Without them, I dont know what the flop I’d be doing right now. Probably taking a gazillion pictures of my kitten and doing the things my mum’s nagging me about as I write this. But here are the Top Ten Stories that I would not be the same without.

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

I was in grade five in a new school in a new continent. I knew NOBODY! I brought this book with me to China, and when I recommended it to a girl, she read it and we clicked. From then on we shared it with other girls, uniting together to become crazy fangirls and new best friends. Gallagher Girls was the start of my obsessive fangirling, and now it cant stop!

Shatter Me

Whoa. After reading this I was tossing recommendations left and right. I felt everyone had to read this. It has amazing metaphors and from there on I was a fan of metaphors ugh I love them so much. Note to self: must reread in 2017

We All Looked Up

This changed me. It felt to real and again, recommendations flying, if this isnt read or in your hands right now, there is something wrong in your life. Tommy Wallach created these epic characters with epic storylines and complete epicness. We All Looked Up inspired me with ways I related to said epic characters. Note to self: add to TBR 2017


WHERE DO WE BEGIN? Reading this, has set me high into sci-fi fantasy, I truly have a favourite author now (other than seven others I still can’t choose). Each book in this series breaking through how great the last book was, it had a bittersweet ending, but im not even going to ask if you’ve read it because why wouldnt you have already?

Between Shades Of Gray

Between Shades Of Gray is from the side of WWII that no one really talks about, you’re probably thinking, the hitler side? Nah, it’s about how the Soviet Union took people from Lithuania. I learned a lot from this book, besides that, it really hits you hard and Ruta Sepety creates nothing but masterpieces.


I don’t really like Amulet anymore, but it’s what introduced me to graphic novels in all their splendor. Stepping on from Amulet, I read Seconds, Saga, Rat Queens and so much more. Note to self: read more graphic novels  EVERYTHING in 2017

Noughts And Crosses

Most definitely the only assigned reading book in school I actually enjoyed. Its really good and I still need to read the rest of the series, but Noughts and Crosses opened my young eyes to racism. Even now, I still compare racism to what I read in Noughts and Crosses.

The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

April Henry made me love fast-paced thrillers so much. Ive read all her works and theyre all brilliant.

None Of The Above

Again with the books that taught me stuff, I had no clue what Intersex was before reading None Of The Above, and its an amazing pick-me-up book.

My Kitten, Lucifer

She may not be a book, but she is the story I cant stop loving.


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