Goals I’m trying to achieve in 2016

I just started this blog, it would be insane for me not to set some goals. This is also my first Top Ten Tuesday, I’m so excited to keep doing this blog meme! Maybe this year I’ll set myself to come lover goals, you know, the more-achievable-goals-so-dory-doesn’t-end-up-stuffing-her-sad-face-with-chocolate type of goals. I hate not meeting ends with my own goals, but with an audience, I feel more pushed to. MAYBE ILL ACHIEVE ALL OF THESE. If I do we will have a party. BYOB, B for books, not booze. DUH!

1) Read 100 novels.

Last year I cheated and read a whole bunch of graphic novels and novellas, they count but also made up for 40/142 books I finished last year.

2) Get 100 Followers on this blog.

I actually believe in myself with this one, but to do this, I NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION. You’ll get a participation award, maybe it’s chocolate.

3) 3000 Followers on Instagram.

A little crazy. Might I just do this? NO QUESTIONING! That’s a yes Dory. Check out my Instagram here (@FishThatReads)

4) Keep to my schedule of blogging

This one is key. I’ve got to move all my reviews for goodreads to here. So if you’ve been watching, you’ll see I’ve been putting one up almost every day. I have some problems with due dates, but with scheduling posts, I might just do this

5) Make awesome graphics for my blog

I love graphics. Currently, my blog looks like it has just been digested by a squirrel. In a few months, I’ll be running smoothly with kick-butt graphics.

6) Utilise notebooks

Writing on paper is a better outlet for my thoughts. No simple editing. Not distracting. I just write and organize those thoughts later. I’m going to my local Indigo tonight and buying myself a pretty notebook to draft blog posts, reviews, ideas, lists, schedules and other bookish things.

7) Read all the books I own and haven’t read yet.

They just stare at me day and night, making me feel guilty that they don’t have the love they deserve.

8) Read ALL my review copies!

I’ve gotta kick NetGalley in the butt and tell them that I CAN have a 99% read-to-review ratio.

9) Not to give up on any project.

Last year went well, I didn’t give up on anything bookish, but I almost gave up other things with the amount of stress I was having. I was on meds it was that bad.

10) Try Ironing.

It can’t be that bad. I have a phobia. Last time I held and iron I screamed.



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