Ten Books With Characters Who Were Sexually Abused/Harassed

It was only twenty-four hours ago that I was going to write a light and happy post about ten books featuring sassy characters (my favourite). After some thought on rape-culture and how often girls at a university can get sexually assaulted, it had led me to write about the topic in order to raise awareness on […]

Sara J. Maas Won’t Stop – Heir Of Fire Book Review

Heir of Fire was full of raw action and Celaenas character development. The plot moves and introduces new but ever fascinating ideas such as the Valg as well as Rowan, the trainer and most loyal friend. Heir of Fire alternated between perspectives, and some were boring and tedious which I had to read through to […]

Beautiful Inside And Out – You Were Here Review

You Were Here is a well-written book with a wonderful use of graphics. I was captured by the cover, but the blurb sold me. You Were Here is an original book which kept me fascinated and thrilled all the way through its coming-of-age story. I loved the switching perspective and especially the artwork as well as […]

Comings And Goings – July

It’s the first full month of summer and finally getting back in the groove. I’ve been writing so many posts and taking so many photos and running them through Lightroom to make them presentable. All this work so that I can keep my blog and Instagram running throughout my first semester of a university where I […]

The Netflix Book Tag

This summer I have spent a lot of time on Netflix, far too much. Sometimes I wish there was an on-demand service for books, wait, e-books. WELL, I WANT INSTANTANEOUS DELIVER OF PHYSICAL BOOKS INTO MY HANDS SOMETIMES. You understand, right?  Well, here is my entry of the Netflix Book Tag, the best of both worlds. […]

Slow Start And Amazing Friendships – The Unexpected Everything Review

Another great summer read from Morgan Matson. Similar to Since You’ve Been Gone, The Unexpected Everything started really slow and it was difficult to get into it. I read over a third of the book before I became invested. The Unexpected Everything featured a close knit group of friends composed of unique character with diverse […]