New-To-Me Authors of 2016

I absolutely sucked at reading books this year, I even just changed my goodreads reading goal down from 100 to 52.  Who else didn’t have a good year for their reading goals? I couldn’t even update my Goodreads as I read so in all honesty, I don’t even think I read a book a week […]


Ten Books Im Thankful For

In all honesty, I’m thankful for each and every book I read. Without them, I dont know what the flop I’d be doing right now. Probably taking a gazillion pictures of my kitten and doing the things my mum’s nagging me about as I write this. But here are the Top Ten Stories that I […]


Kids Of Appetite: A Solemn Story with Beautiful Characters

 How come every book David Arnold thinks of is so bloody original? Just like Mosquitoland, Kids Of Appetite is a more solemn work of art which only gets better as you read. While David Arnold makes his books more about his characters, he makes them so rich in quality, the world building and plot were […]


Review: Zero Day by Jan Gangsei

Zero Day by Jan Gangsei First Published: January 12th 2016 Published by: Disney-Hyperion Source: ARC Genres: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary, Cyber-Terrorism     This book had me since the first page. It’s full of mystery and suspense to keep you on edge for the whole 360. There is the right amount of crime and drama to lure anyone […]


Goals I’m trying to achieve in 2016

I just started this blog, it would be insane for me not to set some goals. This is also my first Top Ten Tuesday, I’m so excited to keep doing this blog meme! Maybe this year I’ll set myself to come lover goals, you know, the more-achievable-goals-so-dory-doesn’t-end-up-stuffing-her-sad-face-with-chocolate type of goals. I hate not meeting ends […]