Top Ten Hidden Gems In Contemporary

I really love contemporary novels when they’re more than just contemporary novels. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is for me. What makes a contemporary novel more than just a contemporary novel is when I can look back at them and think, wow, I read that and I could never regret how it made […]

Great Books by Great Canadian Authors

As a fellow Canadian, I’ve got to shout out my Canadian books and authors so all the other Canadians can know and read about them with their Canadian pride because we all know its the place to be. This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki The art in this book is absolutely gorgeous, I love its monochrome colour […]

Books That Make Me Want To Drop Everything And Travel

I thought we read books to travel without the extra cost and the whole getting out of bed part, not to make us want to actually spend lots of money and go places! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is books that give you the travel bug, so here are ten books that make me […]

An Emotional Beating – Gemina Book Review

The brilliant sequel to Illumnae, why did I wait so long to read this? Please don’t make the same mistake. After page 82, which with the style of this book is really like 30 pages of a common novel, I was entirely and endlessly hooked. 48 hours later, I finished page 653 and Gemina itself. A […]

Comings and Goings – May

Nothing lifts my spirits more than finding myself in the groove, especially when I’m in the groove of reading/blogging. Personally, this is more satisfying than most of my Signature First Year At College Experiences. Pushing out blog posts and pumping through chapters as I get that weak summer tan going on. This month was filled […]

Bookish Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In

As bibliophiles, we often get asked if we would want to live in the world of our favourite books, in an independent study done by myself I can confirm that if your favourite book is dystopian, the answer is heck no! Often enough historical fiction have settings in which you’d never want to visit, sometimes […]

When Characters’ Names Made Their Character Perfect

Characters always have really cool names, the author gets to be all creative because they pick their own rules for their characters they can  make a decent one and then when they find a better one all they have to do is Ctrl+F to Find and Replace Name A with Name B and continue with Name […]

Last Years Pantone Colour Of The Year Coating These Ten Books

A comment on my last Pantone-based post (found here) inspired me to follow through with doing a similar thing for the year prior. Last year, the Pantone colour of the year was Greenery, I wasn’t able to find ten books on my shelves with this exact colour, but I found ten to match the aesthetic of […]

A Search For Character – Look Both Ways Book Review

In all honesty, this felt like the authors teenage lesbian fantasy, how in the chapters before the hook up it’s all beautiful and sweet and kind. Sometimes it became excessive. This book is still enjoyable notwithstanding how cheesy it seems at the start. I wish I could’ve started to Look Both Ways earlier as it is a […]